Melissa Lauterwasser, Third Grade

WEEK OF 9/22

  • Thursday, 9/25 is school picture day. Students must wear their PROPER school uniform as outlined in the Family Handbook. Boys should wear ties and button down shirts.
  • Please remember to visit . Remind is an app that allows me to send out reminders to your cellphones, without sharing our phone numbers. It is similar to the School Reach, but only for our class.
  • Please remember to sign your child's assignment pads. Many parents have not been signing, and many students have been missing their homework.
  • Not doing homework WILL affect your child's grade. Please be supportive in encouraging them to complete all of their assignments. It is important that they learn to be responsible.


1.easy   2. grade   4. late  5. seat   6. saved   7. pail  8. these  9.reach  10. name    11. raise  12.leave  13.gain 14. theme 15. scream
Challenge words: 1.mystery  2. solve   4.found  5.investigate  
1.detective - a person who solves mysteries
2. specific- exact
3. positive- completely sure
4. case- a mystery or problem a detective is working   to solve
5. returned- brought back
6. definitely- surely
7. assistant- a person who helps someone do a job
Spelling- Contract, test Friday
Science-quiz tomorrow
Vocabulary- quiz Thursday
Simple Solutions-Lesson 9
Math- workbook pg 7
Spelling- Contract, test Friday
Vocabulary- quiz Thursday
Simple Solutions-Lesson 10
Math- workbook pg 8
Spelling- Contract, test Friday
Vocabulary- quiz tomorrow
Simple Solutions-Lesson 11
Math- workbook pg 9
Spelling- Contract, test tomorrow
Simple Solutions-Lesson 12
Math- workbook pg 10
Soc. St-Worksheet
Religion- worksheet

Week of 9/15/14

WEEK OF SEPT 15, 2014


  • PTA meeting 9/16, 7pm
  • Back to School night to follow PTA meeting

Spelling Words

1. slip 2. fish 3. pick 4. rocks 5. lunch 6. gift 7. thing 8. inch 9. truck 10. pond 11. grand 12. stamp 13. belt 14. lend 15. checked
Challenge words: 1. frown 2. expression 3. surprised 4. emotion 5. smirk


1. stubborn- headstrong or unyielding
2. grumble- a muttered complaint
3. mumbled- said in a low, unclear way
4. exploded- burst apart
5. darted- moved swiftly
6. streak- a quick flash of movement
7. languages- systems of sounds and symbols used to communicate ideas


Math- workbook pg 5, quiz Thurs.
Simple Sol- Lesson 5
Spelling- contract, test Fri
Vocabulary quiz Thurs.
Finish classwork from writing (if not finished)

math- quiz thursday
Simple Sol- Lesson 6
Spelling- contract, test Fri
Vocabulary quiz Thurs
Sci quiz Tuesday

math- quiz thursday
         -textbook pg 23 in notebook
Simple Sol- Lesson 7
Spelling- contract, test Fri
Vocabulary quiz Thurs
sci- quiz Tues

math- wkbk pg 7
Simple Sol- Lesson 8
Spelling- contract, test Fri
Soc st.- Worksheet
Sci- quiz Tues

Sci- worksheet
     - quiz Tuesday 


Last week I sent papers home for Scholastic. Please send any orders in by Monday. Just a heads up, we must have $20 worth of orders in order to get free shipping. This month we are at $11 so far. Please let your child place some orders. The more orders we place, the more points we can get, and the more things I can get for the classroom. 


Thank you!

Week of 9/8/14


  • Please be sure to check and intial your child's assignment pad every night.
  • Spelling tests are Fridays.
  • Vocab quizzes are Thursdays.
  • Please check your child's folder for a note regarding Xtramath.
  • Information regarding Spelling contract can be found by clicking HERE.

Spelling Words

1. sat 2. felt 3. last 4. send 5. next 7. went 8. hand 9. stand 10.past 11. from 12. jump 13. socks 14. dish 15. thump
Challenge words: 1. else 2. guest 3. attention 4. heard 5. listen



 Workbook pg 1
Xtramath signup
Book covers
Spelling- contract



math- workbook pg 2
simple solutions- Lesson 2
spelling- contract, test Friday
vocabulary -quizThursday 



math- workbook pg 3
simple solutions- Lesson 3
spelling- contract, test Friday
vocabulary -quizThursday



math- workbook pg 4
simple solutions- Lesson 4
spelling- contract, test Friday

Xtra Math

Dear Parents,

Today I sent home a flyer with directions for a website called Xtramath. Xtramath is a website where students can increase their accuracy and speed in various math facts. Students who have already used this site will be able to link their previous work to this year’s program.  Students in third grade are requiredto log onto Xtramath 5 times in 7 days (Monday-Sunday) for a homework grade. Students can log onto the website on any Ipod, Ipad, computer, tablet, or other smart device.  If your child does not have access to one of those devices, they may use the computers in the classroom. They are able to use them during snack, recess, before and after school. Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.


-Miss Lauterwasser


Just a friendly reminder that we have people allergic to almonds, pecans, walnuts and shellfish in our class. Please do not send any products containing those items for snack. Students may have them for lunch, but cannot eat them in the classroom. Thank you for your understanding. 

Week of 9/2


  • All Summer Choice projects should have been completed  by the first day of school. Students who have not handed work in by Friday will start getting points deducted.
  • Notebooks and assignment pads must be purchased through the school. Notebooks are $1.50 each, and the assignment pad is $5. 
  • All other school supplies should be brought in asap.
  • Please have your child bring in 4 book sox at your earliest convienance. 



  • Monday- Gym
  • Tuesday- Library
  • Wednesday- Spanish
  • Thursday- Music & Art
  • Friday- Computers & Music


Hello parents and students,


For those of you who do not know me, please let me introduce myself. My name is Miss Melissa Lauterwasser. You can call me Miss L or Ms. L or Ms Lauterwasser. or Miss Lauterwasser. This is my third year at MTRS, and my third year teaching third grade.Prior to MTRS, I taught preschool, and toddlers at a local daycare center. I have my bachelor degree in Elementary Education, Psychology, and Early Childhood Education. I am currently certified to teach PreK- 5th grade in the state of NJ. I have really enjoyed teaching and am very grateful to continue my career at MTRS. 

I look forward to getting to know each and every child in my class and helping them succeed to their greatest potential. Third grade is a great year filled with lessons, learning, and lots of responsibility. We will work together to not only allow your children to reach success academically, but to reach or their potential in all aspects. I look forward to a wonderul year together.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. My email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .


God Bless,

Miss L

Reach Higher