Melissa Lauterwasser, Third Grade

2014-2015 school year

Hello! Happy summer to all of you! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break! Can you believe that we only have two weeks until the start of school? It is certainly an exciting countdown! I cannot wait to see everyone! We have a fun filled, learning packed year ahead of us! Please be sure you have your Summer Choice projects completed for the first day of school. Students should do 3 projects from 3 different subjects. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have! School supply lists can be found on the school's main page. Notebooks are to be purchased from the school, as they are not regular composition notebooks. Assignment pads will be give out the first day of school. 


I am very excited to start the school year and can't wait to see everyone!

Miss Lauterwasser 

Summer information

Dear parents,

Thank you so much for a wonderful year! I am truly blessed to have spent time getting to know your children. They are all very smart, loving and hard working kids. I am glad I got to spend time teaching them! 

HERE is the link to the Summer Choice projects for students going to fourth grade.

HERE is the link to the Summer Choice projects for students coming to third grade.
is the summer reading list for the students coming to third grade.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! I will miss you all very much and think of you all often!!


Love, Miss L

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