Tracey Platenyk, Technology Coordinator

Betsy Ross Trivia - June 2014

3rd and 4th grade computers

Click on the url below and go to the STORY STARTERS.  If you finish with your project you may go back to this page and play any of the variety of games associated with Scholastic.

2nd grade Story Starter

7th and 8th Grade Health May 9th, 2014

Read the following articles, found at  Create a poster to educate younger students/children about the dangers of water and how to be safe. 
Copy the url's and paste it into the URL space.  
Water Safety
Swimmer’s Ear (External Otitis) 
Babysitting: Pool Safety 
Babysitting: Bathtime

Student Survey

Please click on the link below to the Trenton Diocese Survey.  Be sure to answer each question with honesty and integrity.  Thank you.


Click on the URL below and take this quiz.  We will discuss after everyone completes it.  You may be surprised by the results.


Click on the game below...remember to include the four food groups and calories.

Health Class Do Now!  Nov. 22

Check out how your grammar is...Are you a Grammar Guru?

7th Grade Health Project

Create a visually appealing POWERPOINT presentation based on information from the article and additional website,  Include what, why when, how and where we get vitamins and minerals.  In addition, you are to COMPARE and CONTRAST one of the groups I will assign you in class.  They should include vitamins and minerals contained in each, the fat, carbohydrate, protein information as well as fiber, salt and any other information you feel is important when choosinng one over the other.  Also let the audience know which one would be the healthier choice.

5th Grade 11.15.13

Here are 4 articles to read about Food Allergies.  Today we are going to learn about the role of the immune system in causing food allergies and we will identify the characteristics of an allergice reation to food.   On your own, read the following articles to complete the following activity.
“Hi, I’m Jack’s immune system. And it’s my fault he has a food allergy ...”
You’re at a meeting of an Immune System Support Group, where people’s immune systems get together to talk about
their problems and help each other feel better. Today, it’s Jack’s immune system’s turn to discuss Jack’s food allergy.
Jack’s immune system feels badly about the way he’s made Jack feel, and he wants to say he’s sorry. Members of
the Immune System Support Group often write letters to apologize for the mistakes they’ve made, and now Jack’s
immune system wants to share his thoughts with Jack. It’s your job to help Jack’s immune system write a letter!
Before you get started, read the articles at KidsHealth about food allergies and the immune system. In your apology
letter to Jack from his immune system, include the following information:
• The type of food allergy Jack has
• What mistake the immune system made to give Jack his food allergy
• What happens to Jack when he eats a food he’s allergic to
• The changes Jack has had to make in his diet
Food Allergies
Nut and Peanut Allergy
Egg Allergy
Help With Hives

Webquest for 3rd and 4th grade


Click on the link above.  We will be working on this webquest for the next several weeks.

4th grade Computers Research on Volcanoes and Earthquakes

These are websites that will help you answer the questions on volcanos.

For this website:  Once you're on the home page, click on "VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS" and see the pictures of Mt. Saint Helen


These are the websites to help you answer the questions on earthquakes.

5th grade computers 9/16 Electronic Sources.jpeg


8th grade has a total of 2 points towards Fun Friday.  You have 38 points as of today.

7th grade has a total of 4 points towards Fun Friday;  36 more points as of today.

6th grade has a total of 2 points towards Fun Friday.  With 38 more points you'll be able to use the Computer Lab for exploring health topics of your own choice.  


We had a great first week.  Please remember to read, sign and hand in the Acceptable Technology Use Policy.  In order to use the computers, each child must have one on record.  Thank you.

Also, your child from PreK-4 through 5th grade should have either a headset or ear phones/buds to use during Computer Class.  Any questions, please email me.  

Inside of a Computer

Welcome Back!

Welcome to a new school year.  I am looking forward to meeting the new students and seeing those returning to MTRS.  


Below is a link for the Grading Rubic I will be utilzing this school year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Rubric PE and Computers 2013-2014.docx

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