Jennifer Baeder

Catholic Daughters of the Americas Youth Scholarship

Attention 8th grade girls - if you are attending a Catholic Highschool in the Fall as a 9th grader, please participate... You must write an essay approximately 300-500 words typed and double space, entitles, " What gift of the Holy Spirit do you find most helpful in guoding you through life's difficulties?" This essay is due to Mrs. Baeder, no later than Friday, May 2nd. This is a $500 Scholarship Award.

Tuesday, April 15th

7 Religion - Chapter 20 Test tomorrow, 4/16

7 Social Studies - Chapter 12 test tomorrow, 4/16

8th grade - Do not forget to bring in your robes for the Stations of the Cross presentation for tomorrow if you brought them home last week. Also, please practice your readings in preparation for tomorrows assembly.

Genevieve M. Hawley Memorial Foundation Scholarship -

Attention all 8th graders  - Genevieve M. Hawley Memorial Foundation Scholarship - Please choose someone who has impacted the lives of others and explain to the Scholarship and Awards Committee how this individual's actions have motivated you. Please indicate any community service, leadership, and volunteer activitites that you are a part of and any ways that you strive to be like the person you wrote about. This essay are due by April 26th to the Genevieve Hawley Memorial Foundation Committee 34 East Lincoln Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716 or emailed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Friday, April 11th

7 Social Studies - Chapter 12 Test on Wednesday 4/16

Thursday, April 10th

7 Religion - Finish the collage that was started today in class, using pictures (plural) and captions depicting Jesus, Justice, Peace and Love

Tuesday, April 8th

8 Science - Chapter 4 test tomorrow, 4/10. Also, finish open book test page 139 #1-20 on loose leaf

Monday, April 7th

6 Science- Chapter 5 test on Thursday, 4/10

8 Science - Page 137 #2 in NB. Also, Chapter 4 test on Thursday, 4/10

8 Social Studies - Chapter 21 Test on Wednesday, 4/9.. Essential Question on page 715 as chapter essay question due on 4/9

Class Trip Permission Forms

8th Grade - Medieval Times Permission Slips due back by Wednesdsy, 4/16

7th & 8th Grade - Historic Philadelphia Permission Slips due back by Friday, 4/11

Tuesday, April 1st

7 Religion - Chapter 19 Test on Thursday, 4/3. Also, research Mother Teresa and the ministries that she found. How do they serve? How do we follow in their footsteps as a school community?

Finish chapter 19 open book review - page 267 #1-10 including C - Counts as a test grade

Monday, March 31st

7 Science - Chapter test on Wednesday 4/2

8 Social Studies - Group Presentations due on Wednesday 4/3 - Outline on Section, Section Quiz and Section Video 

Section 1 - Impearlism in the Pacific - Valerie, Sheila, Nick, Matt, Ben and Sam

Section 2 - Spanish and American War - Michaela, Elena, Wesley, Tyler and Paul

Section 3 - Expanding Interests in Asia and Latin America - Amanda, Bryanna, Carly, Gavin and Tommy

6 Science - Finish the Learned Behavior questions from the activity / experiment done in class today. Analyze and Conclude questions 

Tuesday, March 25th

7 Religion - page 260 go to Scripture in NB

7 Science - Chapter test on Wednesday 4/2

April Current Event Schedule

April Current Event

Monday, March 24th

6 Science - Finish Chapter open book test - page 143-144 #1-22 on loose leaf.. Chapter test tomorrow, 3/25

7 Science - Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday, 4/1

7 Social Studies - Chapter 11 Test on Thursday 3/27

8 Science - Chapter test, Tuesday 3/25

8th Grade Events and Activities - Updated

UPDATED - 8Th grade events and activities sheet 

Friday, March 21st

7 Social Studies - Chapter 11 test on Wednesday 3/26

7 Religion - Chapter 18 test on Monday, March 24th

8 Social Studies - Chapter 21 test on Monday, March 24th

8 Science - Chapter 3 test on Tuesday, March 25th

6 Science - Chapter 4 test on Tuesdayy, March 25th

8th Upcoming Events

If you are an 8th grade girl and want to crown Mary on May 9th at the May Crowning you need to type an essay explaining why you want to crown Mary and what it would mean to you to take part in this ceremony. Essays need to be typed and be no less than 1 page and no more than 2. These essays are due on April15th

8th grade students who wish to write and read a speech at graduation on June 13th,  need to prepare their speech and hand it to Mrs. Baeder no later than May 12th. Speeches must be typed

Thursday, March 20th

7 Religion - Chapter 18 Test on Monday 3/24

8 Social Studies - Chapter 21 Test on Monday 3/24

8 Science - Chapter 3 Test on Tuesday 3/25, Also finish page 103 #1-20 on loose lead - chapter open book test

7 Science - Ocean Zones - group projects due tomorrow, 3/21

Tuesday, March 18th

8 Social Studies - Chapter 21 Test on Monday 3/24

Monday, March 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!


6 Science - Worksheet on Birds - back and front. Also, finish your Owl Pellet Lab from today

8 Science - Go to, web code cgp-4033 and complete the online activity on motors and generators. Take the online quiz after the activity and record your score

7 Social Studies - Use the Internet to find an aimage of one of the early inventions mentioned in the section we discusses today, pages 365-369. Draw a detailes picutre of it and than write a paragraph explaining how the invention worked and why it was important during this time period.

7 Science - Start bringing in materials this week for your group ocean zone projects that you will be working on in lass with your groups. 

7 Religion - Go to source, page 242 .. Read Matthew 9:35-38 to find out what Jesus asked of his disciples.

Friday, March 14th

7 Science - Page 140 - FInish the shape of the ocean floor skills lab - graph and analyze and conclude # 1-5

Tuesday, March 11th

7 Religion - Chapter 17 test on Thursday 3/13.. You need to know the Stations of the Cross and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Also, finish the open book test page 237 #1-10 including c on loose leaf

7 Social Studies - Chapter 10 Test on Thursday 3/13...

6 Science - Chapter test tomorrow

8 Science - Finish the science and technology on pages 90-91 on MRI technology.. Questions 1-3 need to be completed on loose leaf and handed in tomorrow 3/12. Use the Internet to gather more info on advances in MRI technologies.

Monday, March 10th

6 Science - Chapter 3 Test on Thursday 3/13

The following are your essay questions:

1. Explain why amphibians are made more sensitive than reptiles to change in the environment.

2. Describe how an ectotherm could warm up when then air temperature is cold or cool down when the air temperature is hot.

3. describe the difference between endothermic and ectothermic animals.

4. Compare and contrast the eggs of reptiles, fishes and amphibians.

5. Describe three adaptations reptiles have for conserving water.

8 Science - page 89 section review in NB

7 Science - Chapter 3 Test on Wednesday 3/12

The following are your essay questions -

1. In what ways is the ocean at a depth of 1,000 meters different from the ocean at the surface in the same location?

2. Do you think that you would float more easily in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or Artic Ocean? Explain your answer.

3. Whay are large numbers of fish often found in zones of upwelling?

4. How do waves change as they near the shore? Explain your answer.

7 Social Studies - page 351 Read about Sacagawea and answer the Critical Thinking question on page 351 in your NB

7 Religion - page 233 Activity in NB

Women of Middletown, Women in History Trinity Hall Contest

Women of Middletown, Women in History, Trinity Hall Contest 

Thursday, February 27th

7 Religion - psge 230 Go to Source in NB - Read Galatians 3:26-28 to find out what else Saint Paul says about Baptism.

Tuesday, February 25th

8 Social Studies - Chapter Test tomorrow, 2/26 - Click here for you social studies project that we will be working on for the next week 

Monday, February 24th

6 Science - Amphibian, Reptile, Fish chapter project due on Thursday 2/27... Also, we will be dissecting a fish on Thursday in class. Please review the anatomy of the fish that is in your notes from last week.

8 Science - go to, web code- scn-1341 and view a minimum of 3 sites on energy and magnetism. In your notebook record the name of the web page and what was on it in your notebooks. Be prepared to share in class tomorrow.

7 Religion - Chapter test tomorrow, 2/25.. Also, with Ash Wednesday and Lent approaching soon, you will need to know the Stations of the Cross in order.

7 Social Studies - Chapter test tomorrow, 2/25.. Also, chapter essay question due tomorrow as part of your test.

7 Science - Make sure you are keeping track of your daily tides in your notebook. Also, go to web code scn-0833 and view links on Ocean Water Chemistry. Choose 3 different sites to read and record the site you went to and the information you read about in your notebook. This is due on Wednesday 2/26

8 Social Studies - Chapter 20 test on Wednesday 2/26. Chapter test essay questions also due on 2/26 - page 669 essential question - What new problems and opportunities developed as America became an Industrial power?

No More Gym Uniforms

Starting today, Monday, February 24th, gym uniforms will only be worn on gym days. Students need to dress in proper winter school uniform. For more information regarding the school uniform policy please refer to the handbook. Any students out of uniform will receive a signature starting tomorrow, Tuesday 2/25

Friday, February 21st

7 Science - Writing in Science Journal Entry on page 107 in NB

7 Social Studies - Chapter 9 test on Tuesday, 2/25.. Your test essay question is --- page 335 Essential Question - What political traditions and tensions first appeared in the early years of the new republic?

6 Science - Worksheets on Fishes (2) complete by Monday and keep in NB

8 Science - Finish the Versorium lab that was started today. Everyone must complete the lab handed out and answer all questions and fill out the data table given. This is due on Monday

Thursday, February 20th

6 Science - Don't forget to get working on your chapter project on fishes and amphibians. Also, page 92 Writing in Science on construtction paper or computer paper. Please do not do on lined paper or in your notebook.

7 Religion - page 225 #1-10 including c on loose leaf due tomorrow, Friday 2/21 - Counts as a Test grade.... Chapter test on Tuesday, 2/25

7 Science - We are currently discussing waves and tides in class and will be tracking the high and low tides for the next week for some local beaches. please keep track if you receive a daily paper or print out the local high and low tide listings for our local beaches.

 7 Social Studies - Chapter 9 Test on Tuesday 2/25

Tuesday, February 18th

8 Science - Chapter test on Thursday 2/20.. Also, finish the open book test pages 75-76 #1-20

Friday, February 14th

7 Science - Finish the chapter open book test - page 89 #1-16 on loose leaf. Chapter test 2 test Wednesday 2/ 19

6 Science - What is a Vertebrate WKS back and front. Also, start thinking about your animal adaptation project that is due at the end of the month.

March Current Event Schedule


Tuesday, February 11th

Middle School  Students - Essays for the Bishop's Mass are due tomorrow, Wednesday 2/12. Mr. Sorci, along with faculty chaperones will be attending the Bishop's Mass in Trenton on March 17th. 4 Students from each class will be chosen to attend this mass based upon their essay explaining why they would like to attend.

7 Social Studies - Page 317 #3-8

6 Science - Finish anwering the analyze and conclude questions #1-7 on page 84 & 85 from today's skills lab - Soaking up those Rays. These questions should be attached to or written out on the back of the data table that needed to be filled out describing the lizards daily activity.

Monday, February 10th

Science Fair tonight from 6-7.. All middle school students need to be out of the school building by 7 pm when the science fair concludes and the PTA meeting begins. Aftercare will be provided for students in grades prk3-5th during the PTA meeting

6 Science - Chapter Project - Fishes, Reptiles and Amphibians

8 Science - page 64 Go Online Link - go to, web code - cgp-4023 and complete the online activity on Series and Parallel Circuits

7 Science - page 77 Section 3 assessment #-13 all in NB... Also if you did not finish your "warning label" from the writing in science on page 77 that is also for homework.

Thursday, February 6th

Today All Science Fair Projects for the Middle School students were due. This assignment has been discussed continuously since November of last year and the grading rubric, due dates and all information was placed online and handed out on January 2nd. If projects were not handed in today, they may be handed in late for a lower grade following the grading rubric that was gone over with the class and posted online. Students had months to work on this project at home and at school.

7 Religion - Go to source on page 219 in NB - read John 14:1-10. What does Jesus say about God's work? Also, finish the activity on page 219, placing the 7 Sacraments into the categories listed.

Monday, February 3rd

7 Social Studies - Chapter 8 Test on Friday 2/7, essential question on page 259 chapter essay question due on Thursday 2/6. How did the Americans create a strong national government that respected both the rights of states and the rights of individuals?

7 Religion - Unit chapter test, pages 214-215 all completed on looseleaf due on Wednesday 2/5

8 Social Studies - Chapter 19 Test on Tuesday 2/11, page 623 #9 - Research sod houses. write a short report that explains how prairie grass held the sod together, and list the advantages and disadvantages of building with sod.

Thursday, January 30th

6 Science - Finish the chapter 2 open book test, page 75 #1-17 on loose leaf. #1-10 answers only and #11-17 in complete sentences. Chapter 2 Test on Monday, 2/3

The following are essay questions that you may bring in completed for you chapter test on Monday:

1. Describe how the water vascular system of an echinoderm works.

2. Describe gradual metamorphosis.

3. Describe the main differences between gastropods, bivalves, and cephalopods with regard to their shell.

4. What is biological control of insects? Give an example. What is an advantage of the use of biological controls over the use of pesticides?


7 Religion - Chapter 15 Test on Monday, 2/3

Wednesday, January 29th

Middle School -All Science Fair projects and Lab Reports are due on Thursday, February 6th

Friday, January 24th

Don't forget to check the HSC for all of our Catholic Schools Weeks activities, starting this Sunday, 1/26 with the MTRS Open House.

8 th Grade - Don't forget to bring in your Tri-fold and food for International Food Day on Tuesday 1/28 - You may bring in all requirements on Monday 1/27

6 Science - Weigh the Impact - page 69 #2 and 3. Also, gather some information for our class debate on the use of pesticides on our crops.

Thursday, Janaury 23rd

International Luncheon on Tuesday 1/28 - 8th grade do not forget to bring in your trifold on your country along with your dishes. You can bring them both in either on Monday or Tuesday.

6 Science - Pick an insect and research its lifecycle.. Illustrate its lifecycle on a piece of construction paper or computer paper. Identify each major part of the life cycle and tell me whether this insect went through gradual or complete metamorphosis.

7 Religion - My Truest and Best Self WKS

8 Social Studies -Inverntor presentation due on Wednesday 1/30 

Friday, January 17th

All Science Fair Sheets are Due on Tuesday, 1/21 for all Middle School Grades

7 Religion  - Chapter Test on Tuesday

7 S.S. - page 239 # Online quiz -  go to - First, choose middle school social studies in New Jersey. Than,  American History textboom (the first choice). Next, click on interactive review, and on the left side of web page pull down the drop menu and go to Confederation to Constituion, and choose section 1. Take the quiz and print out when finished or record your score in your Homework pad and have a parent sign.

February Current Event Schedule


Thursday, January 16th

6 Science - Page 54 writing in science in NB

7 Religion - Chapter 14 test on Tuesday 1/21

Wednesdsay, Janaury 15th

7 Science - Final copy of today's lab on Soil Tesing - page 40-41. Chapter 1 test on Friday, 1/17

Tuesday, January 14th

Middle school - All Science Fair Purpose Forms are due no later than Tuesday, 1/21... All forms need to be signed by a parent and the student.

8 Science - page 29 #1-18 on loose leaf due on Wednesday 1/15.. Chapter 1 test will be on Thursday, 1/16

7 S.S. - Chapter 7 Essay question due tomorrow - Essential Question. Chapter test on Thursday

6 Science - Finish te online quiz from class today on Mollusks and Squid.. Follow the directions and make sure to read the website information given before answering the questions. 

Monday, Janaury 13th

6 Science - Finish WKS back and front on Mollusks

8 Science - go to, web-code cgd-4013.. read information about Earth's Magnetic Field.. Answer the worksheet questions on Auroras in your notebook if you cannot print out the worksheet at home. Also take the Aurora self guided tour for more information on Auroras.

7 S.S. - Chapter 7 test on Thursday 1/16.. Test essay question due on Wednesday 1/15 -  How was it possible that American Patriots gained their independence from the powerful British Empire? essential question on page 231

Friday, January 10th

7 S.S. - Chapter 7 test on Wednesday 1/15

6 Science - How Can you Classify Shells lab due on Monday 1/13 - final copy

International Luncheon

The 8th grade will be hosting an International Luncheon during Catholic Schools week on Tuesday, January 28th. On that day bagel and chicken nuggets will be available for any students who do not wish to participate. Any students that wish to participate are still asked to bring in a drink and a snack for lunch.


Students in the 8th grade have chosen a country in which to research and will be preparing a main dish and / or dessert that is commonly consumed in that country. Students are asked to display their information on a trifold and to designate one side / flap on the trifold to the exlaination of their main dish / dessert including the ingrediants. The Center and other side / flap of trifold will be used to give information about their country. The trifold is due on Tuesday 1/28, but may be brought in sooner. The food may be brought in on Monday, 1/27 and stored in the cafeteria. Food that needs to be warmed will be done in the cafeteria; all food needs to be fully cooked prior to being brought in.

Tuesday, January 7th

7 Religion - Chapter 13 test on Thursday 1/9.. Also finish the open book review page 183 #1-10 including C

6 Science - Chapter 1 test Thursday... Below are the essay questions for your chapter test

1. Describe four characterisitcs of animals.

2. Describe the advantages that bilateral symmetry gives an animal.

3. What characteristics do biologists use when they classify an animal?

4. Describe how coral reefs form.

5. Describe the circulatory system of an earthworm. Explain how this type of system benefits the earthworm.

6. Predators have many special adaptations to catch prey. List four adaptations and tell how they help the predator.

Monday, January 6th

6 Science - Chapter 1 test on Thursday, 1/9..If you did not finish the open book test today, please finish for homework - page 35-36 #1-19 on loose leaf.

8 Science - Section 2 Assessment page 19 #1-3 all in NB

7 Science - Page 33 assesssment #1-3 all in NB. Also, design and write a travel brochure for the Florida Everglades. Be sure to include information about the organisms that live there and why it is so important for people to protect the Everglades.

7 S.S. - page 201 # 7 in NB

8 S.S. - Indiustrial Revolution Project

Science Fair Information

Science Fair

Grading Rurbic for Science Fair

Science Fair Topic Outline due on January 21st signed by a parent and student

Stars Challenge

If you participated in the Stars Challenge - Please have your parent / guardian sign the photo release form which needs to be handed in by Tuesday 1/7.  The awards ceremony will take place at Monmouth University in Wilson Hall on Saturday, January 11th. All participants are expected to attend dressed in school uniform. Please plan to arrive by 8am. This event should conclude around 11:30 am

Also, all teams need to bring in a trifold to school next week to work on their presentation for the challenge. Please bring in one by Monday.

Thursday, January 2nd

Middle School - The Science Fair will be on February 10th. All projects need to be handed in on Thursday, February 6th. 

6 Science - Page 30 Analyzing Data #1-3, and page 31 Lesson 4 Assessment #1-2 all...make sure to answer in complete sentences for full credit.

Thursday, December 12th

8 Science - Chapter 4 test on Tuesday, 12/ 17

7 Religion - Chapter 11 test on Monday, 12/16

7 Social Studies - Date Change **** Chapter 6 Test on Tuesday, 12/17

8 Social Studies - Chapter 19 Test on Wednesday, 12/18

Wednesday, December 11th

7 Science - Lesson 1 Assessment in NB page 11

7 Social Studies - Page 174 #2-7 in NB... Chapter 6 Test on Tuesday, 12/17..Chapter essay question due on Friday, 12/13 page 191 - What drove the colonists to declare independence from Great Britain? 

8 Social Studies - Chapter 19 Test on Wednesday 12/18. We will finish the chapter on Monday and on Tuesday we will review. Page 627 Essential Question Due on Tuesday 12/17 as part of your chapter test. How did the nation change as a result of westward movement after the Civil War?

Tuesday, December 10th

Happy Snow Day!

Monday, December 9th

6 Science - page 11, lesson 1 assessment in NB and writing in science in NB..

7 Social Studies - page 166 # 3-9 in NB

Friday, December 6th

7 Science - Chapter 4 test on Monday

8 Science - Lesson presentations due on Monday, 12/9. Also, finish chapter open book test - page 149-150 #1-16 on loose leaf

Middle School / School Challenge

Every Tuesday we collect and donate bagged lunches for the Barn for the Poorest of the Poor. For the month of December we will be having a food challenge to see if we can bring in more bagged lunches to donate. Tuesday, December 10th the middle school is challenged to bring in 50 or more bagged lunches for a dress down day. The house that brings in the most lunches will also receive points towards their house for the month of December. Tuesday, December 17th the entire student body of MTRS is challenged to bring in 100 or more bagged lunches for a dress down day. The house that brings in the most lunches will also receive points towards their house for the month of December. A bagged lunch consists of a sandwich, snack and juice box. Sandwiches may be peanut butter and jelly. Thank you !

Thursday, December 5th

7 Religion - page 162 Go to Source Scripture writing in NB

7 Science - 159-161, Language Arts and Social Studies Activity in NB.. Math activity is optional for 5 extra credit points on your science test Monday, but the answers need to be correct. Chapter test on Monday

6 Science - Chapter test tomorrowour

8 Science - Lesson presentations due on Monday. You must hand into me a copy of your power point notes printed out as a handout, a copy of your quiz with an answer key, and your activity / lab

Wednesday, December 4th

7 Science - Chapter 4 test on Monday 12/9. Finish open book test, page 155 #1-18 on loose leaf. Due tomorrow 12/5

January Current Event

January Schedule

Tuesday, December 3rd

8 Science - Group Lesson presentations due on Monday, 12/9. You must inlude notes for your lesson via power point, and activity / lab, and quiz for your section.

Lesson 1 - Gavin, Kyra, Amanda, and Wesley

Lesson 2 - Valerie, Bryanna, Tyler and Michaela

Lesson 3 - Sheila, Carly, Sam, and Paul

Lesson 4 - Ben, Nick, Tommy, and Matt

8 Social Studies - Chapter 18 Test tomorrow 12/4

7 Social Studies - Chapter 5 Test Thursday 12/5

6 Science - Finish chapter 5 open book test, page 165-166 #1-10 due on Thursday 12/6. We will review for you chapter test on Thursday 12/6 and your chapter 5 test will be on Friday 12/6

Your test essay questions are :

1. What factors affect natural selection?

2. Describe the process in which most fossils form?

3. What do scientists use to determine evolutionary relationships among organisms?

4. Compare and contrast the theories of gradualism and punctuated equilibria.

7 Religion - Chapter 11 Test Thursday 12/5

Monday, December 2nd

6 Science -  Start studying now, your chapter 5 Test will be on Friday 12/6

8 Science - Page 134 Section assessment and page 131 Analyzing Data in NB

7 Social Studies - Chapter 5 test on Thursday, 12/5 and test essay question due on Wednesday 12/4. Chapter Test essay question found on page 151 - What traditions, events, and forces helped form an American Identity?

7 Science - page 155 Writing in Science on Loose Leaf

8 Social Studies - Chapter 18 test on Wednesday 12/4. Chapter test essay question due on Tuesday 12/3 - page 591 Essential question - How did a deeply divided nation move forward after the Civil War?

7 Religion - Chapter 11 Test on Thursday 12/5... Finish open book test, page 153 #1-10 including c on loose leaf

Monday, November 25th

8 Science - page 128-129 - Polyster Fleece... finish number 3 - creating a brochure for HW

Friday, November 22nd

6 Science - page 153 writing in science in NB and final copy of bird adaptation lab due on Monday

8 Science - Final copy of Polymer lab called, What did you Make due on Monday 11/25

Thursday, November 21st

7 Social Studies - Colonial life jounral entry due tomorrow 11/22 and Biography presentation due Tuesday 11/26 on the person given to you today.

7 Science - Writing in Science page 140 in your NB - Rocket Sheet due tomorrow

8 Science - Today we started a new chapter in science and a lab on making a polymer. Tomorrow you will finishe you labe and it will be due on Monday 11/25

6 Science -  Today we started our Beak Adaptation lab in class. We will finish the lab tomorrow and your final copy will be due on Monday 11/25

7 Religion - Over Thanksgiving break please try and watch the move Pay it Forward.

Wednesday, November 20th

7 Science - Space Exploration Timeline wks

8 Social Studies - Research an African American who served in Congress during Reconstruction. Write a journal entry about your life during this time period and wat you expereinced while serving in Congress.

7th Chapter 4 Notes

Chapter 4 - Star Systems and Galaxies

Monday, November 18th

6 Science - Finsh lesson 1 review and writing in science on page 145 in NB

8 Science - Chapter 3 test on Thursday 11/21

8 Social Studies - Chapter 16 test tomorrow 11/19 

Abraham Lincoln research project due Wednesday, November 27th - click here for more info

7 Science - page 133 section assessment in NB

7 Social Studies - Chapter test on Wednesday 11/20 and Test essay question due tomorrow 11/19

Friday, November 15th

7th Science - Page 123 writing in science. You may choose to display your information in a brochure, small poster board, slideshow, etc.

7th Religion - Chapter 9 test Tuesday 11/19

7th S.S. - Test essay question due on Tuesday 11/19 and Chapter test on Wednesday 11/20

6th Science - Finish today's lab on How living things vary. Due on Monday 11/18

Thursday, November 14th

6 Science - We will finish our lab tomorrow during class on How living things Vary

7 Reiigion - Chapter 9 test on Tuesday 11/19

Wednesday, November 13th

7 Science - Chapter test tomorrow

7 Social Studies - Page 120 #3-7 due tomorrow, #8 due on Friday 11/15. Chapter 4 test on Wednesday 11/20

Chapter essay questions - essential question on page 123 - due on Tuesday 11/19 - What factors allowed each colonial region to grow and prosper?

Tuesday, November 12th

7 Religion - Look up the following readings to see how each person came to recognize who Jesus really was and write a brief summary for each in NB.

Nathanael: John 1:49

Martha : John 11:20-27

Peter: Matthew: 16:13-20

Woman at the Well: John 4:25-29

7 Social Studies - Page 115 #3-5. Also, Create a brochure promoting immigration to the Middle Colonies. Brainstorm a list of selling points about the Middle Colonies and drawbacks to the other colonies.

8 Social Studies - Chapter 17 Test on Tuesday, 11/19

Friday, November 8th

7 Science - page 113 #1-15 on loose leaf, chapter open book test. Also, page 113 writing in science. Chapter Test on Thursday 11/14

6 Science - Finish page 131 #1-3 Weigh the Impact in your NB. You will need to use the Internet to help with #2.

Thursday, November 7th

8 Science - Final copy of lab tomorrow, Properties of Aluminum

Wednesday, November 6th

8 Social Studies - page 567 - Essential question - Test essay question due on Tuesday 11/12 - In what ways did the Civil War transform the nation? Use the response rubric to help you answer this question.

Also, chapter 17  review due on Tuesday, 11/12 - page 565 #1-10 answer only in NB, page 565 #1-17, 18, 19, 21, 24 & 25 also in NB.

Tuesday, November 5th

7 Social Studies - Use the Internet to research the Virginia House of Burgesses. Write a 1-2 paragraph on the importance of the House of Burgesses in the history of American democracy in your nb.

6 Science - Chapter 4 open book test, page 133 #1-18 on loose leaf, due on Thursday 11/7 #1-10 answers only #11-18 in complete sentences. Chapter 4 Test on Thursday 11/7

Monday, November 4th

6 Science - Chapter 4 Test on Thursday, November 7th. Also, Final copy of today's lab due tomorrow, Guilty or Innocent. Please finish the Ananlyze and Conclude questions on page 129 and write up your conclusion. Make sure you back up all your responses with scientific facts. How are bar codes and DNA alike?

8 Science - Atomic Model Research and Atomic Model display due tomorrow, 11/5... Also, page 87 section 2 assessment in Nb

7 Social Studies - Journal Entry for tonight - choose either piracy or Salem Witch Trials -  Discussing the Atlantic Traingular Trade or the change in Puritan Religion.

8 Social Studies - page 555 #3-9

December Current Event Schedule

Current Event

Thursday, October 31st

7 Science - Planet project due on Monday, 11/t4

7 Religion - Chapter 8 Test on Monday 11/4

6 Science - There are only 3 lessons in chapter 4, and we started lesson 3 today. You will have a chapter 4 test towards the end of next week. The notes for this chapter were posted at te beginning of the week. Start studying now and come to me if you have any questions.

Wednesday, October 30th

8 Science - Atomic Model and Atomic model research projects are both due on Friday, 11/1 (They are two different projects)

8 Social Studies - Please review the following video on the Emancipation Proclomation

Tuesday, October 29th

7 Religion - Chapter 8 Test on Monday, November 4th. Also, Create a modern version of the Beatitudes addressed specifically to people your age and illustrate. This is due on Thursday, 10/31

6th - Chapter 4 - Modern Genetics

Lesson 1 - Human Inheritance

Lesson 2 -Human Genetic Disorders

Lesson 3 - Advances in Genetics

Monday, October 28th

8 Science - All Materials for your atomic model are due by tomorrow, 10/29. Atomic model research project is due on Thursday, 10/31. You will be presenting them to the class. Don't forget your current events

6 Science - We started Chapter 4 today, discussing Genetic Inheritance. Please review lesson at home

7 Social Studies - Chapter 3 Test on Wednesday, 10/30. Also, your test essay question from page 91 is due tomorrow, 10/29

7 Science - All materials for part B of your solar system project are due tomorrow. Also, page 91 - Writing in Science - Pick an inner planet that we talked about today in class and design a travel brochure for that planet. Include basic facts and descriptions of places of interest. Also include a few sketches or photos to go along with your text.

8 Social Studies - Chapter 16 test tomorrow, 10/29. Also, Research the number of free and enslaved people in each Confederate state. Then calculate the percentage of slaves in each of those states. This is due on Wednesday, 10/30 and should be done in your notebooks.

Friday, October 25th

8 Science - Bring in materials on Monday for your 3D atom model. We will be building a 3D model of an atom, which can be made of beads, cottom, small candies, clay, plastic foam, and other simple objects. We will be describing how the mass of the nucleus compares to the mass of the electrons and explaining what makes atoms of different elements different from one another.

6 Science - Finish photosynthesis online quiz, due on Monday 10/28... Get Chapter 2 test signed by an adult and bring back on Monday

7Science - Bring in materials to build your 3D model of your planet or planetary object by Tuesday, 10/29

7 Social Studies - Chapter 3 Test on Wednesday, 10/30. Chapter Test essay question due on Tuesday, 10/29 - page 91 Essential Question. How did the experience of the early colonists shape America's political and social ideals?

Wednesday, October 23rd

7 Religion - Chapter test tomorrow, 10/24

6 Science - Chapter 2 test tomorrow, 10/24

8 Social Studies - Chapter 16 Test on Tuesday, 10/29. Essay question due on Monday, 10/28. Also, finish the chapter reviwe we started in class today, which we will review together on Monday, page 532, Choose 5 of the 12 vocabulary words listed and write the significance of each. #13-19 All - answers only, some choices may be used more than once. #21-29 and 31 & 33 in complete sentences.

8 Science - The following is your chapter project. Please open and review. We will discuss together his week.

7 Science - The following is your chapter project. Please open and review. We will discuss together this week. I will also be assigning your planets.

November Current Event Schedule


Tuesday, October 22nd

7 Religion - Chapter 7 test on Thursday 10/24

8 Social Studies - Chapter 16 test on Tuesday, 10/29.. Essay question due on Monday 10/28 found on page 533

7 Social Studies - Project due tomorrow, 10/23

6 Science - Chapter 2 test on Thursday 10/14. Also, finish todays class work on pages 68-69 - When should new medicines be made available? We read and started answering the what would you do questions #1-3 on loose leaf. This assignment is due on Thursday. Use the go online link at the bottom of page 69 to help answer the questions.

Monday, October 21st

6 Science - Page 71-72 #1-17 chapter 2 open book test. #1-10 answers only, #11-17 in complete sentences. Chapter 2 test on Thursday

8 Science - What's in the Box lab due tomorrow, 10/22

7 Science - The Sun WKS back and front ... Please finish watching this video that we started in class today on the Sun

7 Religion - Chapter 7 Test on Thursday, 10/24

7th - Chapter 3 The Solar System

Lesson 1 - Observing the Solar System

Lesson 2 - The Sun

Lesson 3 - The Inner Planets

Lesson 4 - The Outer Planets

Lesson 5 - Comets. Asteroids, and Meteors

8th Grade - Chapter 3 - Elements and the Periodic Table

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Atoms

Lesson 2 - Organizing the Elements

Lesson 3 - Metals

Friday, October 18th

8 Science - Chapter 3, Lesson 1 Introduction to Atoms Key Words in NB - page 72

7 Social Studies - Mary Dyer broke Puritan laws by returning to Massachusettes. This was an act of civil disobediance. Research other historical figures who used this form to protest. You may present your information in microsoft word as a report, power point as a slideshow presentation, on poster board as a story board with descriptions and pictures, or as an oral presentation with props distinguishing your historical figure. Which ever way you choose to present your information, you must include a works cited page. This is due on Wednesday, 10/ 23

6 Science - Chapter 2 test on Thursday, 10/24 Use notes online to study

Thursday, October 17th

6 Science - We finished chapter 2 today, you will have a chapter test towards the end of next week. Start studying now from the notes online and the video clips below on photosynthesis, Mitosis and Cancer Cells

7 Religion - Do Well Worksheet

8 Science - Skit / Cartoon Storyboard due tomorrow 10/18 on changes of state

Wednesday, October 16th

7 Science - Final copy of lab due tomorrow 10/17, Being a Rocket Scientist. Chapter 2 test tomorrow.

8 Social Studies - Journal - Imagine you were a spectator at Bull Run. Describe what you saw and explain how it changed your attitude toward the war. Also, research the casuality figures of the Civil War and make a graph to display in the information. This is due on Monday

8 Science - Chapter 2 Test tomorrow, 10/17

Tuesday, October 15th

8 Science - Chapter 2 test on Thursday, 10/17. Also, page 41 A story of changes in matter activity. We started this in class today. Finish at home and hand in by Friday, 10/18. This will count as a lab grade.

7 Religion - Page 87 - Faith in Action, Reflect on your own Experiences. Choose a faith in action project that you have done here at school over the years to help you anwer the questions.

7 Social Studies -  page 65 #3-6 in your NB.. Journal entry - you are a Native American living in Amercica or an English man/woman who settled in America forming a colony. What challenges did you face? What was your life like?

6 Science - page 60 Analyzing Data #1-4 in NB

Wednesday, October 9th

7 Science - Chapter 2 Test on Thursday, 10/17. Also, # 2 on page 65 - research the uses of communications satellites over the last 20 years. List their influences on society.

8 Science - Chapter 2 Test on Thursday, 20/17. Also, final copy of today's egg drop lab due on Tuesday, 10/15

Tuesday, October 8th

8th - High school registration papers due tomorrow, Wednesday 10/9

7 Religion - Chapter 6 Test on Tuesday, 10/15

7 Social Studies - Chapter 2 test on Wednesday 10/9

8 Social Studies - Chapter 15 Test on Wednesday 10/9

8 Science - Egg Drop Lab tomorrow, 10/9, Chapter 2 test on Thursday 10/17

7 Science - Chapter 2 test on Thursday 10/17

Monday, October 7th

8th Grade - Bring back high school placement test registration form by Wednesday 10/9

6th Science -  Page 50 skills activity in NB

7th Social Studies - Chapter 2 Test on Wednesday 10/9, Test essay question from page 55 due tomorrow 10/8

7th Science - Finish chapter 2 open book test, page 67 #1-15 on loose leaf. #1-10 answers only, #11-15 in complete sentences. Your chapter 2 test will be next week.

8th Social Studies - Chapter 15 test on Wednesday 10/9, Test essay question from page 507 due tomorrow 10/8

Thursday, October 3rd

Tomorrow is Mass Day, Please remeber to wear shirt and tie.

6th Science -Bring in a green leaf for tomorrows lab. Also,  please view the following videos on the process of photosynthesi video 1

photosynthesis video 2

7th Science - Go to, web code scn- 0623. choose 3 websites and read more about them. There are 23 pages of various websites, games, crosswords, and puzzles all on space. Choose and read 3 and write them down in your notebook. Please view the following video on Multistage Rockets

8th Science - Page 53 writing in science.. Start thinking about your materials for next weeks egg drop

7th Social Studies - Journal entry - you are on voyage from Africa to the Americas on the middle passage. what was your journey like? You will have a chapter 2 test on Wednesday 10/9. Start studying now

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