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6th Science - Current Events

On Monday, December 1, all students in the 6th grade need to hand in a current event. This article summary should be at least 1 full page in length and related to a topic in Science.  If you are reading an article please bring in a copy / print out of the article with your summary. If you choose to watch a science related video please write out the name of the station it was on and the name of the program.

8th grade class trip to NYC

Permission slips were given out today in class for your 8th grade trip to NYC on 12/9. Please bring back your signed permission slip and money by Thursday, 12/4

Wednesday, November 19th

7 Science - Planet projects - model and written part are due on Monday 11/24. You will be presenting your projects to the class on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

7 Social Studies - Chapter 5 test on Friday 11/21, Also the essential question found on page 151 needs to be typed and handed in on Friday also as part of the take home/essay portion of your test. What traditions, events and forces helped form an American identity?

Also, if you did not finish the chapter review today, please finish for homework in your notebooks. page 150 #1-16 vocabulary (choose 8 to define) #21-27, #31, 33 and 35.

Science 6 - Chapter test will be on Monday, 11/24 on the 3 section on Modern Genetics. Use the notes I posted online to help you study

Tuesday, November 18th

7 Social Studies - Chief Pontiac - Connor, George Washington - Ava, General Edward Braddock - Christina, William Pitt - Mary and James Wolfe - James. Your presentations will be on Monday 12/1

Chapter 5 test on Friday 11/21 Also, tonight for homwork please do #8 on page 148 on construction or computer paper. Imagine you are at the meeting in Albany. Create a poster urging colonial unity.

6 Science - page 131, weigh the impact # 2 & 3...... Research the situtations you listed in class from question 1 to find out if DNA analysis is or can be used in each. Than choose one application of DNA analysis and write one or two paragraphs to explain when the application can be used.

Monday, November 17th

6 Science - Finish today's lab - Guilty or Innocent on page 129. Answer the analyze and conclude questions #1-3. Great job today doing your first lab !! Make sure to follow the scientific method steps

8 Science - Quiz on Section 4 & 5 on Friday 11/21

Also, due tomorrow 11/18 go to web code SCN-1135.. Go to the first link titled - Nuclear Fusion is the Perfect Energy Source. Read the 3-4 page article on the CNN website and answer the following in your notebook - Can Fusion Fuel our Future? Explain in detail based on the information given in the article.  You will also need to go to the link titled, Nuclear Fusion in the Sun. This is a 4 minute video on Nuclear Fusion that you need to watch.

Also, due on Wednesday 11/19 page 113-114 #1-10 on loose leaf. This will count as a test grade for this chapter.

7 Religion - Chapter 5 test on Thursday

Tonight, read and discuss about one of the many miracles that Jesus performed, aside from the ones discussed about todays in class.

Also, The Diocesan Respect Life Contest is approaching. Please start thinking about this years theme and what you would like to create. Everyone is expected to participate for a Religion grade. This years theme is, "Each of Us is a Masterpiece of God's Creation." You maybe draw a picture no larger than 20x30 and no smaller than letter paper. Drawings should be done in free hand; do not paste pictures or computer-generated images. The essay should be no more than 500 words and should be typed. Videos may be submitted on DVD and should be no longer than 5 minutes running time. This is due to me by Friday, 12/19


2nd trimester electives

Dance - Offers excellence in training and in character. This elective puts Jesus first in every aspect of the dance.

Yearbook - The yearbook elective will be responsible for producing the annual MTRS yearbook. Students will have the opportunity to study basic photography, the interview process, layout and design, and distribution.

Debate - the debate club is a great place for students to explore the art of organized arguing. student will enjoy discussing current  issues  and if they do not already have a strong voice and good presentation sills, they will learn these abilities in a fun, safe club environment.

Book Club - Book Clubs have come back as a popular way to allow readers to discuss books in an informal setting. students can enjoy the same kind of immunity-building experience by meeting with friends to choose, read, and discuss books together.

Bible Challenge - Work with Rev William Lago to prepare for the Bible Challenge Competition sponsored by St. John Vianney High school. students will enjoy engaging and exciting and interactive challenges that will put their Bible skills to the test.

6th Science Notes Chapter 4

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3 

Friday, November 14th

7 Science - Bring in materials for your planet project by Monday 11/17. Also, page 123 writing in science. Instead of making a brochure on the telescopes listed, research ad find out somce facts on a specific telescope or observatory and take notes on an index card or in your notebook.

8 Science - Finish the Alien Periodic Table skills lab on pages 106-107. You need to hand in by Monday, the chart you made with the "Alien" Elements listed in the corresponding spots along with #2, 3, and 4 on the Analyze and Conclude.

6 Science - Math Analyzing Data on page 125 # 1-4 in NB on Changing Rice Production.

7 Social Studies - Remember those of you that have oral presentation on historical figures we have discussed in class, presentations start on Monday. You do not need to write a report, please come in with some basic facts on your person, identifying their impact in American History. You may bring in props or dress as the person if you would like too.

Monday 11/17 - Maria - Benjamin Frankin, Juia - George Whitefield, Ryan - John Locke, and Michael - Johnathan Edwards

Monday 11/24 - Robert - John Peter Zenger, Larry - King Charles II, Christian S. - William of Orange, Patsy - Mary of Orange, and Tristan - Edmund Andros

7 Religion - "I Am" statements due on Monday. You need 5 positive statements about yourself. This will count as a project grade so plese do this neatly and not on loose leaf. Chapter 5 test on Thursday.

8th Grade Diploma Name

Please read and fill out the attached sheet and return to me no later than Monday, November 24th.

Diploma Name

7th Science Planet Project

Planet Project  -

Please Bring in all materials to start constructing your planet project in on Monday 11/17

Middle School Grading Rubric

Middle School Grading Rubric 2014-2015


Welcome 2014-2015

The Scientific Method

Please refer to the following as an aide when writing your lab reports - Scientific Method Steps

Jennifer Baeder,  Middle School Science

I am a graduate of King's College, where I received a Bachelor's degree in elementary education. I have been teaching for eleven years within the Diocese of Trenton, teaching 5th and 6th grade Science and Language Arts at St. Agnes School, where I also coached the girl's varsity basketball team. Upon merging, I was hired to teach Middle School Science, which I have been teaching here at Mother Teresa Regional School for the past 10 years along with Religion and Social Studies. I have been continuing my education at Georgian Court University, taking classes in the science field. I am also a certified catechist through the Diocese of Trenton and volunteer my time teaching Religious Education classes for St. Agnes and OLPH Parishes. I am a certified k-8 teacher in the state of New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania.

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