Debbie Flanagan, PreK 3

Valentine’s Day

We will have cookies and juice, make a craft, and play a game on Valentine's Day.  Your child may bring in Valentine cards for his/her classmates.


 Katherine, Kayla, Keira, Addison, Ella, Juliet, William, Leo, Gavin, Travis, Jack H., Jack S.


Letters: Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk

Themes: Friendship, Valentine's Day, Teeth

Skills:  cutting, pasting, tracing, tearing, zipping, buttoning, rhyming words, sequencing, visual discrimination, counting to 30, throwing, catching, and kicking a ball

Happy 4th Birthday to Kayla!



Our letters this month are: Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg.  We will complete many activities and crafts to help learn these letters.

Our themes are: winter, snow and mittens, polar animals, fairy tales

Some of our concepts that we will learn or review are: opposites, same/different, tracing and cutting, counting to 30, sequencing, lacing, stringing beads, block building and stacking, sorting

We continue to explore and work at many centers throughout the day. Some of our favorite centers are: art, sandbox, play dough, puppet theater, imagination area

Catholic Schools Week begins on January 26.  It is a week to celebrate our wonderful school!


This month we will learn about Advent.  We have made Advent wreaths and an Advent countdown chain.  We decorated our hallway with baby Jesus and angels.  We are beginning our letter of the week.  We will learn the letters A, B, and C this month.

Our class will participate in the Christmas Concert on Dec. 12th.  The children should arrive at school at 6:45.  The concert begins at 7:00pm.  We will sing first than walk out to the cafeteria.  Please pick up your child right after we walk out.  You can bring your child back to sit with you and enjoy the rest of the concert or leave if it is your child's bed time.

We wish Katherine a Happy 3rd Birthday on December 19th!

Welcome Eleanora!

We welcome Ella to our class!  Ella celebrated her 3rd birthday on 11/17.  We are excited to have a new friend in prek3.


Our themes this month are: Fall harvest, shapes, family, and Thanksgiving.  We have been working on many skills.  We continue to trace lines, cut and paste, follow directions and listen attentively.  We go over the alphabet letters each morning and are learning the letters in our names.  We count and make sets of numbers 0-8.  We can recall story details and tell the beginning, middle, and ending of a story.  We use our manners and are learning to take care of ourselves in many ways.

Happy 4th Birthday to Travis on 11/6 & Addision on 11/24


This month we will learn many things as we complete lessons and activities in our themes: leaves, fire safety, shapes, pumpkins, and Halloween.  We have learned the first letter in our names and are able to locate our own special names throughout the classroom.  We have been practicing holding crayons and pencils correctly.  We can trace lines.  We enjoy singing songs, especially the the Alphabet Song, The Days of the Week, The Months of the Year,  and The Number Rock.


We are enjoying learning about the seasonal changes and making autumn crafts.

Happy  4th Birthdays!

15th- Jack Hibell

21st- William Towney

30th- Juliet Swanton


We are off to a great start!  The children are doing great learning our classroom schedule and procedures.  They are working and playing nicely together.  Last week's theme was colors.  We listened to many stories, made a color booklet, mixed paint, sorted colors, and made some colorful craft creations.  Our theme this week is apples.  We will use magnifying glasses to observe seeds, balances to compare different apple weight, and taste different kinds of apples.  We will also make crafts and use paint to make apple prints and trees.


Happy 3rd Birthday to Keira!

PreK3 Schedule

The following is a typical schedule of our day. schedule.pdf

PreK3 Themes

The following is a list our our themes throughout the school year. themes.pdf

Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter welcome letter.pdf

Welcome to PreK3!

I enjoyed meeting everyone at Orientation today.  I can tell that this will be a great year.  I am sure you will have a wonderful time growing, learning, and exploring together with all your new preschool friends.


* Travis * Katherine * Gavin * Addison * Leonardo * Keira *

* Jack * Kayla * John * Juliet * William * Eleanora *

Mrs. Flanagan, PreK3

I will be teaching prek3 this year. This is my seventh year at Mother Teresa Regional School.  Prior to teaching at Mother Teresa Regional School, I  taught at Saint Agnes School for sixteen years.  I have teaching experience in grades kindergarten - third grade.  I look forward to another great school year.

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