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Math Humor


Q: Why did the 30-60-90 triangle marry the 45-45-90 triangle?

A: They were right for each other







math tip

Q: What does the zero say to the eight?

 A: Nice belt!

Cool Math

What kind of roots do the plants in the Math classroom grow?

Square roots!

Blessed Mother Teresa

Stock Market Humor

Q: What will happen if the DOW average falls any further? 


A: They’ll add a N to the end of it!


With the stock market in the news, here is a brief guide to todays activity...

"Helium was up"

"Feathers were down"

"Beef steered into a bull market"

"Paper was stationary"

"Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading"

"Pencils lost a few points"

"Hiking equipment was trailing"

"Elevators rose"

"Escalators continued their slow decline"

"Weights were up in heavy trading"

"Light switches were off"

"Mining equipment hit rock bottom"

"The market for raisins dried up"

"Coca Cola fizzled"

"Caterpillar stock inched up a bit"

"Balloon prices were inflated"

"Sun stocks peaked at midday"

...and the best one...

"Diapers remain unchanged"



Polly wants a cracker.


Q.  What did the math student say when she realized she forgot to feed her bird?

A.  Poly-no-mial


Q.  What do you call an empty bird cage?

A.  Poly-gon

Where do math teachers eat dinner?


At the times table.


What kind of math do Snowy Owls like?

A: Owlgebra


Math Humor

Q.  What makes arithmetic hard work ?

A.  All those numerals you have to carry.

What kind of tree does a math teacher decorate at christmas?

A Geometry

Why isn’t safe for turkeys to do math?

If they add 3 and 5, they get ate!

Q. What US state has the most math teachers?


A. Mathachussets.

Write the expression for the volume of a thick crust pizza with height “a” and radius “z”.




ANSWER: The formula for volume is π·(radius) x (radius) x (height). In this case, pi·z·z·a.


Why did the vampire stay up all night?

He was studying for his blood test.

What do you get when you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

Pumpkin pi!!!

Why did the student wear glasses during math class?

Because it improves di-vison!


Go here for Think-a-Gram puzzles


What's the best dessert in the Math Teacher's Café? 
A slice of chocolate pi. 

How many calories are there in that slice of chocolate pi? 
Approximately 3.14 

What do you get when you cross geometry with McDonalds? 
A plane cheeseburger. 

What shape is usually waiting for you at Wendy's? 
A line. 

What do your eyes do when you see a tough geometry problem?
They dilate. 


Pick a number 1 to 9, I plea,
Then multiply by 15,873.
And again times seven,
The product to leaven;
Your number will repeat six times — you’ll see.

Practice the Pythagorean Theorem

Can you figure this out???

Four pigs named Hal, Herb, Helga and Helena wore different colored jackets.  Their jackets were red, blue, green and yellow.  They also had different nicknames.  Their nicknames were Snookums, Snortums, Tiny and Cuddles.  Each of the pigs played a different sport.  One liked bowling; one liked to pole vault; one liked to high jump; and one liked basketball.  Based on the clues, match the pigs with their jacket colors, their nicknames and their favorite sport.


1.  Helga and the pig in the red jacket played sports that did not use a ball.

2.  Hal and the pig nicknamed Snortums played sports that did use a ball.

3.  Herb did not pole vault or high jump.

4.  The pig in the yellow jacket was nickednamed Tiny and enjoyed the high jump.

5.  Cuddles wore a blue jacket and loved bowling.

ANSWER Helga yellow jacket, Tiny, high jump

                  Helena red jacket, Snookums, pole vault

                  Hal, blue jacket, Cuddles, bowling

                  Herb, green jacket, Snortums, basketball

WELCOME BACK!  Class Representative Form

Intent to Run for Student Council Class Representative

Due Friday, September 13th, 2015

Student Name _________________________________________________________________________

Class Representative Grade ______________________________________________________________

Reason for Running _____________________________________________________________________





Approval of Homeroom Teacher __________________________________________________________

Approval of Principal __________________________________________________________________

Approval of Parent/Guardian _____________________________________________________________


I understand that seeking an office is an indication of willingness to serve the school students of Mother Teresa Regional School in a leadership capacity. I understand that this is an honor and a privilege and can be revoked for inappropriate conduct or poor academic performance. By signing below, I indicate my willingness to take on this responsibility and position of service.



Student Signature _____________________________________________________________________

September 2015 Important websites for homework help

Visit and  now and throughout the year to improve your math skills.

Free online graphing calculator

Pre Algebra students visit for homework help.

Algebra IA students visit http:  for homework help.

6th Grade students visit // for homework help.

Class Rules, Procedures, and Grading

Respect, Responsibility and Follow Directions .   In order to ensure a safe learning environment, we have to follow a classroom policy for the benefit of all.

1.)Our primary class rule is RESPECT .  All students should have respect for their teacher, their classmates and themselves. 

2.) All students are expected to come to class prepared with their textbook,  a notebook, assignment pad, pencils with erasers, calculator and completed homework assignments.

3.)All students are required to bring their assignment pads to class daily and write down the homework assignments when they are given.

4.) Homework is given in Math to reinforce the skills that are taught, and each assignment will be posted on the eboard.  

5.) Homework will be graded using the rubric. 

  If your child is not able to complete an assignment because they truly do not understand the concept, please send in a note.

6.) Homework missed due to absences will be made up in accordance with school policy as outlined in the school handbook.

7.)All math work must be done in pencil .  

8.)All chapter tests will be reviewed for and announced.  Quizzes may or may not be announced.



Grading Percentages

25% Tests

20% Quizzes

20% Chapter Projects / Class work

10% Current Events / Notebook

15% Homework

10% Class Participation

Math Rubric RUBRIC.docx

Patricia Hale, Seventh Grade and Middle School Math

Mrs. Hale's Credentials


                                                               Undergraduate Studies

                                                    Mathematics Major & Education Major

                                                  Georgian Court University, Lakewood, N. J.  

                                                                  Graduate Studies

                                                                     M.A. Education

                                             Georgian Court University, Lakewood, N. J. 

                                                N. J. Certification -  Mathematics K-12 

                                                  N.J. Certification - Elementary K-8

                                                       Student Personnel Services


                                                University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN  

                                                            Catechist Certification



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