Irene Sikora, Fourth Grade

Homework, Week of April 14

Week of April 14

Monday, April 14
5th Math;
WB p.107; Sim.sol.#93
4th Math Sim.sol.#93
Religion: Study Stations of the Cross.

Tuesday, April 15
5th Math: 
5th Science: Study for test.
4th Math: Sim.sol.#94

homework; week of April7

Monday, April 7
4th and 5th Math
Study for test; Sim.Sol.#89

Tuesday, April 8
4th and 5th Math
; Sim.sol.#90

Wednesday, April 9
4th and 5th Math; Sim.sol.#91
Religion: Start studying the Stations of the Cross. Test next Tlues.

Thursday, April10
5th Math:
p.442, #13 to 32, Sim.sol.#92
4th Math: WB p.119; Sim.sol.#92

Homework, week of March 31

Monday, March 31
5th Math:
Sim.sol.#85, WB p.103
4th Math: Sim.sol.#85
5th Science: Questions on p.191 &193

Wednesday, April 2
5th Math:
4th Math: Sim.sol.#87
5th Science: Study the plates of the earth for test tomorrow.

Thursday, April 3
4th and 5th Math:
Simple sol.#88

Homework, Week of March 24

Monday, March 24
5th Math: Sim.sol.#81
4th Math: Sim.sol.#81
4th Science: Study vocab.; test on Thurs.

Tuesday, March 25
5th Math:
Study graphs for test tomorrow; Sim.sol.#82
4th Math: Sim.sol.# 82; WB p.108#1 to 16
4th Science: Study for vocab. test on Thurs.

Wednesday,March 26
5th Math:
4th Math:Sim.sol.#83; p.472, #11 to 24
4th Science: Study for test on vocab. and water cycle.

Thursday, March27
5th Math:
WB p.101; Sim.sol.#84
4th Math: Study for test; Sim.sol.#84

Homework, Week of March 17

Monday, March 17
4th and 5th Math
4th and 5th Science  Study vocab.; test on Wed.

Tuesday, March 18
5th Math:
5th Science Study vocab. Test tomorrow
4th Math P 446#15 to 18
4th Science Study vocab. Test tomorrow

Wednesday, March10
5th Math:
  WB p.61; Sim. sol.#79
4th Math: Sim.sol. #79

Thursday, March 20
4th and 5th Math:

Homework; Week of March 10

Monday, March 10
5th Math:
Sim.sol. #73
4th Math: sim.sol.#73; Chapter test on Wed.
Religion: Finish Lenten poster

Tuesday, March 11
5th Math.
Finish WB p,99,#3 to 12; SS#74
4th Math: Test tomorrow; Study p.424 Sets A, B, & D; Sim.sol.#74

Wednesday, March 12
5th Math:
Finish WB p.100; Sim.sol.#75
4th Math: Sim.sol.#75

Thursday, March 13
5th Math:
5th Science: Finish definitions of 13 vocab. words.  Test next Wed.
4th Math Sim.sol.#76
4th Science: Finish definitions of 10 vocab. words.  Test next Wed.

Terra Nova Tips

Tips for Terra Nova Week
Get a good night's sleep.
Eat a healthy breakfast.
Bring a healthy snack.
Have 2 #2 pencils and erasers.
Relax and do the best you can do.  There is nothing to worry about!

Homework for Grade 4

Simple Solutions #85,  English Plus Workbook p. 36,  7-18;  Spelling on Tuesday, Feb. 25,  Inventor information due 2/26

Homework, Week of Feb.24

Monday, Feb. 24
5th Math:
Study for test on adding/subtracting mixed numbers; sim.sol.#69
4th Math: Sim.sol.#69

5th Math
4th Math 5Math problems, Sim.sol.70

Wednesday, Feb. 26
4th and 5th Math:
Religion Start studying the Precepts of the Church.  Test next Monday.

Thursday, Feb. 27
5th Math
Sim.sol.#72, Study for test tomorrow
4th MathSim.sol.#72
4th Religion Study precepts of the Church for test on Mon.

Homework, Week of Feb. 18

Tuesday, Feb.18
5th Math:
p.367, #5 to 8; sim.sol.#65
5Th Science: Make sure the 5 definitions from p. 242 are finished.  Test on Thurs.
4th Math: Sim.sol. #65
4th Science: Study definitions; test on Thurs.

Wednesday, Feb. 19
5th Math:
p.371, #13 to 17; sim.sol.#66
5th Science: Study def. and notes for test tomorrow.
4th Math:sim.sol.#66
4th Science"Study for test tomorrow.

Wednesday, Feb.20
5th Math:
WB p.90#1 to 8; sim.sol.#67
4th Math:sim.sol.#67
Religion:Finish Name Acrostic.

Thursday, Feb.21
I have had problems with students completing homework on time lately.  Starting on Monday, Feb.24 students will have to stay in at recess to do the homework.  When they accumulate 3 missing homeworks, they will get an after-school detention, from 2:30 to 3:00.  I will give you advance notice and a note to be signed if they get an after-care solution.

4th and 5th Math:
Sim.sol. #68

Homework, Week of Feb. 10

Monday, Feb. 10
5th Math
: Sim. sol. must be finished to p.61.
5th Science p.240 & 241, #1 to 16, must be finished by Wed.
4th Math Sim.sol.#61

Tuesday, Feb. 11
5th Math:
p.358, set C; sim.sol.#62
5th Science:Finish p. 240 # 1 to 16.
4th Math: WB p.86, #5 to 8. Sim.sol.#62
4th Science:Start studying definitions; test will be next Tues.

Homework, Week of Feb. 3

Monday, Feb. 3
snow day

Tues., Feb. 4
5th Math:
Sim.sol. #58
5th Science: Test that was supposed to be today is postponed until Thurs.  Test will be on Thurs., regardless of Wed.'s weather, so remember to bring home notes to study.
4th math: Sim.sol. #57

Wed., Feb. 5
Snow day

Thurs., Feb. 6
5th Math: Sim.sol. #59; WB p.80
4th Math:Sim.sol.#58 and 59.

Homework, week of Jan.27

Monday, Jan. 27
4th Math: Sim.sol. #56

Tuesday, Jan.28
5th Math:
Sim.sol.#55. WB p.76
4th Math: Test on Division tomorrow.

Homework, Week of Jan.21

Thursday, Jan.23
5th Math:
WB p.75; sim.sol.#54
4th Math: p.312, #9 to 17; sim.sol.#54

Homework, Week of Jan.13

Monday, Jan.13
5th Math: Finish p.298, #27 to 36 and #43 to 50.
5th Science: Study vocab. for test on Thurs.
4th Math: p.295, Set F, # 1 to 10

Tuesday, Jan.14
5th Math:
Finish p.301, Set E, #1to10and 17 to 20
5th Science: Study for Science test on Thurs.
4th Math: WB p.70, #1 to 12.  Prepare for test tomorrow.

Wednesday, Jan.15
5th Math:
WBp.72; Study for test on Prime Factorization; Sim.sol.#51
5th Science:Study for vocab. test
4th Math: Sim.sol.#51

Homework, Week of Jan.6

Monday, Jan.6
5th Math: WBp.66, #1 to 9; sim.sol.#47
4th Math: WB p.66; sim.sol.#47
4th Science: Study vocab. for test on Fri.

Tues., Jan.7
5th Math:
Finish p.282, #7 to 16; Sim.sol.#48
4th Math: Sim.sol.#48
4th Science: Study vocab. for test on FRi.

Wed., Jan.8
5th Math:
WB67#11 to 19; Study for tomorrow's test; sim.sol.#49
5th Science:Finish Open Book test.
4th Math: P284 #13 to 17; sim.sol.#49
4th Science: Study vocab. for Fri.'s test
Religion Study Corporal Works of Mercy

Thursday, Jan.9
5th Math:
4th Math:Sim.sol.#50
4th Science: Study for Science test tomorrow.

Homework, Week of Jan. 2

Thurs., Jan. 2
5th Math
4th MathWB.p64; Sim.sol.#46
4th Science: Start studying new vocab.

Homework Week of Dec.16

Monday, Dec.16
5th Math
Finish WB p.54; Sim.sol.#45
4TH Math WBp.41;
Religion Study Beatitudes

Tuesday, Dec. 17
No homework for 4th or 5th grade.
Some 5th graders have make-up work to do.

Homework, Week of Dec.9

Monday, Dec. 9
5th Math:
Sim.sol. # 43; Prepare for division of decimals test tomorrow; Finish p. 204, Set B, #9 to 29
5th Science: Study for vocab. test on Wed.
4th Math:  WB p.39; Sim.sol.#43

Wednesday, Dec.11
5th Math:Sim.sol.#44
5th Science:Study vocabulary and order of steps for Mitosis for test tomorrow.
4th Math: Prepare for test on time and temperature; sim.sol.#44
4th Religion: Study Beatitudes; must match proper beginnings with endings.

Thursday, Dec. 12
No Homework; See you at the Concert!

Homework, Week of Dec.2

Monday, Dec.2
5th Math:
p.189, #3 to 17 to prepare for tomorrow's test; sim.sol.#39
5th Science; finish Ch. Open Book Test
4th Math;WB p.36;sim.sol.#39

Tuesday, Dec.3
4th and 5th Math:Sim.sol.#40

Thursday, Dec.4
5th Science:
Start studying definitions; test next Wed.
4th Math:Sim.sol.41

Homework, week of Nov.25

Monday, Nov.25
4th and 5th Math:
4th and 5th Science: Study for Science test tomorrow.

Tuesday, Nov.26
5th Math: Sim.sol.#38
4th Math: WB p.35; Sim.sol.#38

Homework, Week of Nov.18

Monday, Nov.18
5th Math
4th Math Sim.sol.#33; WBp.31
4th Science; Finish p.92 & 93, #1 to 16

Tuesday, Nov.19
5th Math Sim.sol.#34
4th Math: WBp.33; Sim.sol.#34

Wednesday, Nov.20
5th Math:
Study for test; Sim.sol.#35
5th Science: Test next Tues.
4th Math Study for test tomorrow.  Sim.sol.#35
4th Science Study vocab. definitions.

Thursday, Nov,21
4th and 5th Math:
4th and 5th Science: Start studying notes for test next Tues.

Homework, Week of Nov.,12

Tues., Nov.12
5th Math:Study for Ch. test tomorrow; Sim.sol.#29
5th Science: Study vocab. and notes for test on Thurs.
4th Math: Sim.sol.#29

Wed., Nov. 13
5th Math:
WB p.37; Sim.sol.#30
5th Science: Study for test; remember, there is no word bank
4th Math: WB p.29; Sim.sol.#30

Thurs., Nove 14
5th Math:
WB p.38; Sim.sol.#31
4th Math:WBp.30; sim.sol.#31

Homework, Week of Nov.4

 , Nov. 4
5th Math:
5th Science Finish p.62 & 63, # 1 to 16.  Write out question and correct answer.
4th Math: Sim.sol.#25
4th ScienceStart studying for Science test on Thurs.

Tuesday, Nov.5
5th Math
WB p.33; Sim.sol.#26
4th Math:
5th Science: Finish Open Book test"
4th Science:Study definitions and notes for test on Thulrs.

Wednesday, Nov.6
5th Math:
WB p.34; Sim.sol.#27
4th Math Sim.sol.#27
4th Science: Study for test tomorrow.

Thursday, Nov.7
5th Math:
4th Math: WB p.28; Sim.sol.#29
5th Science: Start studying definitions and  notes on classification.  Test will be next Wed. or Thurs.

Homework; Week of Nov.4


Thank you to all the parents, aunts, and grandparents who were able to join us for breakfast today.  A special thanks to Mrs. Nolan for setting it up for us.  It was great that Father Bill and Mr. Sorci were also able to join us.  The children and I appreciate your participation.  Hope we can do it again sometime.

Homework, Week of Oct.28

Monday, Oct. 28
5th Math:
Sim.sol.#21; Chapter test on Wed.
5th Science: Study notes on Skeletal, Muscular, and Excretory System and text book pages on Nervous system; test on Wed.
4th Math: WB p.25, Sim.sol.#21

Tuesday;, Oct.29
5th Math;
Test tomorrow; Study p.123; Sim.sol.#22
5th Science: Test on Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, and Excretory Systems
4th Math: WB p.26; Sim.sol.#22

Wednesday, Oct. 30
5th Math:
Sim.sol.#23 and 24.
5th Math: Silm.sol.#23 and 24; Math test on Friday.

Thursday, Oct. 31

Homework, Week of Oct,21

Monday, Oct. 21
5th Math:
Math p.98 #19 to 25
4th and 5th Science: Study notes for test tomorrow.
4th Math: 4 problems in notebook; Sim. Sol. #17

Tuesday, Oct.22
5th Math:
Worksheet on evaluating expressions; sim.sol.#17
4th Math:4 mult. problems in notebooks; sim.sol.#18.

Wednesday, Oct.23
5th Math:
5th Science:Start studying new set of notes for test next Tues.
4th Math:Sim.sol.#19

Thursday, Oct.24
5th Math:
sim.sol.#19 and 20
4th Math: sim.sol.#20
5th Science: Study notes on skeletal and muscular systems; more notes to come for test next Wed.
4th Science: Start studying 6 vocab. words.  Notes to come; test next Tues. or Wed.

Homework, Week of Oct.15

Tuesday, Oct. 15
5th Math:
P.81, #11 to 14: S.S.#14
4th Math: WB p.20

Wednesday, Oct.16
5th Math:
4th and 5th Science: Study Science notes for test next week.
4th Math:Sim.sol.#14

Thursday, Oct.17
5th Math:
4th and 5th Science: Study notes; test next Tues.
4th Math: Sim.sol.#15; Study 2,3,4, &5 times tables.
Religion Study 10 Commandments.

Homework, Week of Oct.7

Monday, Oct. 7
4th and 5th Math:
Simple sol. #12
45h Nd 5th Science: Study notes for test tomorrow.

4th and 5th Math: Simple sol. #13

Homework; Week of Sept. 30

Monday, Sept. 29
5th Math:
finish p.69, #8 to 22 ; Sim. Sol. #8
4th Math: Sim.Sol. # 8.

Tuesday, Oct.1
5th Math:
Worksheet and Sim.Sol.#9
4th Math: Finish WS; Sim.Sol.#9
4th and 5th Science:Study notes; test will be next week.

Wednesday, Oct.2
4th and 5th Math:
Sim.sol.#10; Both classes will have a math test on Fri.
4th and 4th Science: Study notes in notebooks.  Both classes will be having a Science test on their notes next Tues. or Wed.

Thursday, Oct.3
5th Math:
Study for test tomorrow.  Study notes.  Sim.sol.#11
5th Science: Study notes for test next Tues.
4th Math: Study for Ch. 3 test. Sim. sol. #11
4th Science:Study notes for test next Tues.

Homework, Week of Sept. 23

Monday, Sept. 23
5th Math:
Do #1 to 5 on worksheet
4th and 5th Science: Study for test on notes and vocab. tomorrow.
4th Math:P.50, #8 to 12

Tuesday, Sept. 24
5th Math;
Test tomorrow; study samples on pages 52 & 53.
4th Math: Test tomorrow; study samples on p.56.

Wednesday, Sept.25
4th and 5th Math:
Simple Solutions # 5

Thursday, Sept. 26
4th and 5th Math:
Simple Solutions #6

Homework, Week of Sept. 16

Monday; Sept.16
5th Math:
Finish Classwork: p.37, #11 to 20; p.39, #8 to 22
5th Science:Definitions are due on Wed.; test will be next Tues.
4th Math- Worksheet
4th Science: start studying new Science vocab.  Test will be next Tues.

Tuesday, Sept. 17
5th Math:
5 multiplication problems in your notebook.
5th Science: Finish notes from p.32 & 33; Finish vocab.
4th Math: p.36, #15 to 18 and 21,22

Wednesday; Sept. 17
5th Math:
Simple Solutions worksheet
5th Science: Bring in 8 different things (pieces of candy or otherwise) to represent the organelles of plant and animal cells.  Students may have a little extra to eat while doing the project; but not an entire meal!
4th Science: Study vocab. for test on Tues.

Thursday; Sept. 18
5th Math:
P.45, #10 to 14
4th and 5th Science:Study notes and vocab. for test on Tues.
4th Math: p.40, #2 ti 11

Homework, Week of Sept. 9

Monday, Sept.9
5th Science:
Study notes and vocab. for Thurs.'s test
4th Math: Worksheet, do odd numbers only
4th Science: Study notes and vocab. for Thurs.'s test

Wednesday, Sept. 11
4th Math:
4th Science: Study vocab. and notes for test tomorrow
5th Math: p.21, #5 to 9
5th Science: Study vocab. and notes for test tomorrow

Thursday, Sept.12
5th Math:
Prepare for Ch. 1 test tomorrow.  Study/practice problems from pages 28 & 29
4th Math:Prepare for Ch. 1 test tomorrow.  Study/ practice problems from p.24

Homework; Week of Sept. 3

Wed.., Sept. 5
5th Math: p.9, # 2,3,4,7,8,9
5th Science:Start studying vocab.; test next Thurs.
4th Science: Write definitions of vocabulary words on p.x.

Thurs., Sept. 6
5th Math:
Worksheet, both sides
4th Math: Worksheet, side 1.3
All books should be covered, all supplies should be purchased, and all summer choice projects should be handed in by Friday, Sept. 6.

Fri., Sept. 7
No homework; 4th grade has gym on Mon.


Summer Messsage

Dear Parents,
    I would like to welcome you to 4th grade at Mother Teresa Regional School.  I am eager to get to know you and your children.  I have heard nothing but good things about this group of students, and I look forward to working with them.  We have lots of good projects in store, and I'm sure it will be a great year.  I will see you at Back to School Night.  It you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. Sikora

Irene Sikora, Fourth Grade

I am Mrs. Sikora, and this is my fifth year teaching at MTRS.  I have had over 30 years experience teaching in the Diocese of Trenton, all subject areas from grades 4 through 8.  I graduated from College Misericordia in Dallas, PA with a BS in Elementary Education.  I am certified to teach all major subjects in grades K through 8.  This year I will teach the 4th grade Religion, Science, and Math.  I will also teach 5th grade Math and Science.  I am looking forward to getting to know the MTRS families.

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