Irene Sikora, Fourth Grade

Homework, Week of March 23

Tues. March 24
4th  and 5th Math:
Sim. Sol. #93

Wed., March 25
4th Math:
Sim.sol.#95/ Worksheet, circled problems
5th Math: finish Sim. Sol.#94; WB p. 107

Manna House

Reminder: Please bring in things for a 3 year old girl to help fill the Easter baskets for Manna House.  Thank You!

Homework, Week of March 2

Mon., March 2
4th Math:
; S.S. #85
5th Math:  S.S. #85
5th Science; Sea Floor Projects are due Thurs.

Tues., March 3
4th Math:
WB p.94; Sim.sol.#86
5th Math: WB p101; Sim.sol.#86
5th Science: Sea Floor projects are due on Thurs.

Wed., March 4
4th Science;
Model of the Solar System is due next Thurs.  Can be a picture on poster board, or a 3-D model.  Must include: the sun, the 8 planets, Earth's moon.
It is optional to include other objects, such as: asteroid belt, comets, stars, spacecraft, satellites.  All things must be labeled.  Grades will be based on accuracy, neatness, and creativity.
5th Science: Sea Floor projects are due tomorrow.

Third trimester

Welcome to the Third Trimester
Dear Parents,
   It's hard to believe we have started the Third Trimester.  The year is really flying by.  Some things to look for in this trimester.  4th Grade will be doing a project on the Solar System.  Information will be coming home about this next week.
    Since it is the start of a new marking period, I am planning on cracking down on carelessness.  Students must write their work neatly and avoid spelling mistakes.  If necessary, they will have to redo assignments until they are acceptable.  They also have to wear proper uniforms, including belts.  Classroom behavior needs some improvement in general:  have a book to read or puzzle book to work in during free time; raise your hand to answer instead of calling out; don't get out of your seat; be prepared for class with proper supplies; keep text books covered.
    It has been a great first 2 trimesters.  I have enjoyed working with your children.  They are a very caring and enthusiastic group.  Every day in 4th grade is an adventure.  I know we will also have a great third trimester.
    As always, I thank you for your cooperation and support.  It is this teamwork in doing the best for your children that makes coming to work a pleasure for me every day.  Keep up the good work!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ms. Sikora


Homework, Week of Feb.23

Mon., Feb. 23
4th and 5th Math:
5th Science; Study def. for Thurs. test

Tues., Feb. 24
4th Math:
WBp.92, #1 to 8; Sim.sol. #82
5th Math: Sim.sol.#84
4th Science: Make corrections to Science Ch.12 test; Study vocab. for Fri.'s test.
5th Science: Study vocab. for Thurs.'s test; Start working on Sea Floor Project.

Wed., Feb. 25
4th and 5th Math:
4th Science:Study vocab. for test on Fri.

Thurs., Feb.26
4th and 5th Math:
Sim.Sol.#84; 4th grade is also having a test.
4th Science: Test on vocab.

Homework, Week of Feb. 18

Wed., Feb. 18
4th Math:
5th Math: WB 94 and 95; Sim.sol.#77

Thurs., Feb . 19
4th and 5th Math:
Sim.sol. #78; 4th has a test on factors, mutlples, and divisibility rules.
5th Science: Finish p.302 # 11 to 16.

Homework, Week of Feb.9

Monday, Feb. 9
4th and 5th Math:
Sim.sol. #73
5th Science: Work on volcano project.
4th Science: Study last 8 vocab. words for test on Thurs.
Religion: Test on Corporal Works of Mercy on Fri.

Tuesday, Feb.10
4th Math:
Sim.sol. #74
5th Math:Sim.sol. #74,WB 89
4th Science Study def. for Thurs.'s test.
Religion Study Corporal Works of Mercy.

Thursday, Feb. 12
4th and 5th Math: Sim.sol.#76
4th Religion Study Corporal Works of Mercy.

Feb. 6 presentation

You are invited to the 4th Grade Presentation on Fri., Feb. 6 at 10:50 am.  Please join us for a healthy snack in the classroom afterwards.  Please send in a healthy snack (fruit, crackers and cheese, granola bars, etc.) with your child.

Homework, Week of Feb. 2

Monday, Feb. 2
4th and 5th Math: Simple Solutions #69
4th Science: Study   vocab. for test on Thurs.

Tuesday, Feb. 3
4th and 5th Math:
4th Science: Study for Thurs.'s vocab. test.

Thursday, Feb. 5
5th Science:
4th Grade: Students have various assignments based on what they finished in class today.

Homework, Week of Jan.26

Monday, Jan.26
No homework because of predicted snow storm.

Wednesday, Jan. 28
4th Math:
WB p.71, # 1 to 8, find exact answer only.
5th Math: WB p.77
5th Science: Study for tomorrow's v ocab. test.
4th Science: Start studying for vocab. test, scheduled for next Tues.
Religion: Study for matching test on the Beatitudes, scheduled for Fri.

Thursday, Jan.29
Study for Beatitudes matching test.

Catholic Schools Week

MTRS will be launching Catholic Schools Week at the 11:00 mass at Holy Family (Union Beach) on January 25. Holy Family is one of our sponsoring parishes and it is important for our school to be well represented at the mass. All families are requested to attend. Students are expected to dress in their mass uniform.  

Homework, Week of Jan.20

Tues., Jan.20
4th Math:
Prepare for Tues. test on multiplication; Sim.sol.#65
5th Math: Sim. sol. #65
Religion: Finish writing The Beatitudes, then start studying.

Homework, Week of Jan. 12

Mon., Jan. 12
4th Math:
WB64, skip #9 to 14; sim.sol.#61
5th Math:WB p.67, skip #1 to5; sim.sol. #61

Tues., Jan.13
4th Math:
WB p.66; sim.sol.#62
5th Math: Study for test tomorrow; sim.sol.#62
4th ILA: sim.sol.#49; PB p.19
5th ILA: PB p.19

Wed., Jan.14
4th and 5th Math:
Sim.sol. #63

Homework, Week of Jan. 5

Mon., Jan.5
4th Math:
WB p.60; Sim.sol.#57
5th Math: WB p.65; Sim.sol.#57
4th Science: finish 9 definitions from p. 228; Study for test on Fri.
5th Science: Study new definitions for test on Thurs.

Tues.,, Jan. 6
4th and 5th Math:
4th and 5th Science: Study vocab. for test.

Wed., Jan 7
4th Math:
WB p.63 #1 to 8; Sim.sol.#59
5th Math:Sim.sol. #59
4th and 5th Math Study vocab.

Thurs., Jan. 7
4th Math: Study for mult. test; sim.sol.#60
5th Math: Sim.sol. #60
4th Science: Study for vocab. test.

Thank you

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for the contributions for our Seafood Fest.  We could be in stiff competition with the Highlands Clam Fest.  We had everything from sushi, to shrimp, swordfish, whiting, crab meat, tuna fish, fried flounder, shrimp pasta salad, fish sticks, crab salad.  And our desserts were rice krispy fish and sushi, star fish cookies, swedish fish and gummy sharks, gold fish, blueberries, and a watermelon carved like a shark.
The students had a great time sampling some new foods and enjoying some favorites.  I don't know how many of them had any room for lunch afterwards.
Mrs. Condon took lots of pictures, so I'll try to upload them on to our web page in the near future.
Thanks again; we'll have another festival sometime in the future.
I'll see you on Tuesday for back-to-school night.
Ms. Sikora


Welcome to 4th Grade!

Dear Parents and Students,
     Welcome to 4th Grade at MTRS.  It is going to be a great year.  I have been looking forward to teaching this group of enthusiastic learners for quite awhile.  They were in pre-school when I started here at MTRS, and I could see the love of learning in their eyes all the way back then.
     We have many exciting activities ahead of us this year.  So come to class on Sept. 2 with your thinking caps on and your minds ready to explore the wonders of 4th grade.
     If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .  
     I'll see you on Sept. 4th.
Ms. Sikora


Irene Sikora, Fourth Grade

I am Mrs. Sikora, and this is my fifth year teaching at MTRS.  I have had over 30 years experience teaching in the Diocese of Trenton, all subject areas from grades 4 through 8.  I graduated from College Misericordia in Dallas, PA with a BS in Elementary Education.  I am certified to teach all major subjects in grades K through 8.  This year I will teach the 4th grade Religion, Science, and Math.  I will also teach 5th grade Math and Science.  I am looking forward to getting to know the MTRS families.

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