Kimberley Reddan, First Grade

Summer 2015 Newsletter

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought".

Wallace Stevens 


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. 


Here are a few back to school tips:

 Homework books($5.00)and first grade notebooks($1.50 each so $12 for 8) may be bought on the first day of school.  Just send in an envelope with your child's name.

You do not have to write your child's name on all school supplies.  We will take care of that in school.

Lunchboxes and backpacks should be marked with names though:)

Send in an old shirt for a smock.

Tuesday, September 8th is a half day with no lunch.

I would prefer the students to have plastic or vinyl folders.  They tend to last longer.

The first Grade supply list has them buying 2 journals.  This is an error.  We will use two of the notebooks for journals.  Students just ned the ten notebooks which they should purchase at school.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at first@mtregional.


Sun Trivia:

Light from the Sun reaches Earth in about eight minutes.

Every day the Sun causes about one trillion tons of water to evaporate.

Lightning is five times hotter than the Sun.


Kimberley Reddan, First Grade

Born in California, I grew up in New Jersey. In 1987, I graduated from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio with a BA in English.  I began teaching Grades 5-8 English, by way of the Alternate Route System, in September of 1989 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Highlands, NJ.  Upon Completion of the school year in 1990, I received dual certification in English and Elementary Education.  From 1990-1993 I taught First Grade followed by Fourth Grade from 1993-1997.  After taking a short break, I returned to Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in September 2003 as a Second Grade teacher until it closed in 2006.  Now residing happily at Mother Teresa Regional School in the First Grade classroom, I also run the Before Care Program as well as head the Drama Club.

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