Katie Patrizio, Fifth Grade

May 27, 2015

ILA 4: Spelling worksheet; Spelling test tomorrow

Upcoming events:

Tuesday is our field trip. The long term forecast is calling for rain so please start praying for good weather now. I don't mind the 70 degrees but I'd like to stay dry! Also, remember gym uniform and no peanut products in lunches.

Next Saturday (6/6) is Family Fun Day. I am hoping to get to learn some Irish dance moves and come circus tricks! Keep an eye on MTRS Parents as Mrs. Rose is updating the page with more and more fun activities that will be there in our very own schoolyard and free!!

And if that is not enough, we are having a field day on 6/10!  From 11-2 the students will be participating in a field day in the backyard, hosted by the seventh grade. Lunch will be provided (ham and cheese or turkey and cheese sub sandwiches or hot dogs). If your student will not eat either of these, they may bring a bagged lunch. Students should wear gym shorts, fundrun shirt, sunscreen, sneakers, and a big smile because they are going to have an awesome time!! If it rains, the field day will move to 6/15 (but it won't because we'll already have our meteorological prayers in motion from the field trip, right?)

Finally, the girls have a DARE essay due to Mrs. Platenyk. I don't have the details, but generally it is an essay about what they learned in DARE and why they won't use drugs and alcohol. When I get the details, I will post them here.

May 26, 2015

ILA 4: Spelling worksheet

Social Studies 4: Read pages 148 and 149

May 20, 2015

We are in the midst of spirit week!

Great job in the bees yesterday. We had a lockdown drill today, and the girls did an awesome job.

Tonight is the play. Our class has 100% participation in drama club. Go fifth grade thespians!

Tomorrow night is the spring concert. Please be here by 6:45 in your Sunday best.

Friday is FundRun. Please send any donations as soon as possible. Wear orange shirts we designed in class. Also, check sign up genius for any items that are still needed for Fund Run.

And on Saturday...Mrs. Patrizio takes a nap!

May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!


ILA 5: Spelling worksheet; test on Friday

ILA 4: Spelling worksheet; test on Friday

Friday is tie dye dress down day for $1.
School yard sale on Saturday. I will have a table making money toward class funds if anyone has any items they would like to donate to the sale.

May 7, 2015

Mass uniforms tomorrow!

Spelling tests tomorrow, fourth and fifth.

May 5, 2015

ILA 4: Spelling Worksheet; The spelling words will be the same as last week.

ILA 5: PB page 46

Social Studies 5: Finish questions on page 67

April 27, 2015

ILA 4: Spelling test on Friday; Finish acrostic from class

practice, members, dinner, suppose, except, problem, shallow, stubborn, logger, cotton, object, shelter,distance, pattern, captive, publish, sitting, tractor, servant, hidden

Bonus: orangutan, banana, jealous, chimpanzee, gorilla

ILA 5: PB page 41; Social Studies Read pagess 62-67

April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

This morning we presented our Earth Day video. We planted vegetables with our buddies and cleaned up the playground.

This afternoon we watched a selection from the video series Planet Earth.

Don't miss the science fair tonight and a sampling of our students' art work using recycled materials.

April 20, 2015

ILA 5: Woodsong test tomorrow; If you have any photos for our Earth Day slide show, please email to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) by tomorrow.

ILA 4: The Garden of Happiness test tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day for Scholastic orders.

We welcome Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon to our school tomorrow.

Remember Wednesday is a free dress down. Wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. We will have a bake sale at lunch that day sponsored by the 7th grade. The science fair is that evening.

April 16, 2015

ILA 5: Spelling test tomorrow; WB page 38; Woodsong test on Tuesday, April 21

ILA 4: Spelling test tomorrow

Dress down tomorrow. Twin/Triplet Day theme

April 14, 2015

ILA 4: Finish revision of essay; spelling test Friday

ILA 5: Miss-, Mitt- spelling worksheet; spelling test Friday

Social Studies 4: Define vocabulary words on page 112

Bake sale next Wednesday for Earth Day!

We will be having an Earth Day celebration in school next Wednesday. Please wear dress down clothes that can get dirty as we will be gardening.

This Friday is twin/triplet dress down day.

April 13, 2015

Fourth: Finish how-to essay from class; spelling test on Friday

hasn't; I'd; I've; we've; wouldn't; you'd; haven't; wasn't; they've; you've; she'd; didn't; won't; shouldn't; couldn't; weren't; we'd; hadn't; they'd; don't

Bonus: erosion, terrain, bonanza, sediment, dredge

Fifth: miss-, mitt- spelling test on Friday

March 26 2015,

ILA 4: Imagine that your town has created a Garden of Happiness. Write a paragraph describing what is planted in your town's garden.

ILA 5: Read over Iditarod Dream. Assessment tomorrow.

Talent Show tonight!

March 25, 2015

ILA 4: Look up an herb online and find directions on how to grow it and what it's used for. You may print the information out or send it to me via email. It is okay if you cut and paste as we will be paraphrasing the information in class.

March 19, 2015

ILA 5: Write a short newspaper article about the Iditarod race from a reporter's perspective; Foli worksheet; Spelling test tomorrow


ILA 4: Practice Book page 34; Complete summary graphic organizer for the story "Nights of the Pufflings"; spelling test tomorrow


Fifth grade was challenged with this riddle today: Can you get it? "Two fathers and their sons go fishing. Each person on the fishing trip catches a fish. In total they catch three fish. How is this possible?"

Orders for crumbcakes supporting the eighth grade are due tomorrow. $9 a crumb cake.

March 18, 2015

ILA 5: Write definitions for: pace, headquarters, positions, handlers, tangle; PB page 32

ILA 4: PB page 33; Explain how the author feels about the work that Halla and the other children do with puffins. How can you tell?

March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

ILA 5: Foli- worksheet: Comic Re-Leaf

ILA 4: Choose your favorite photograph from the story "Nights of the Pufflings". Write a paragraph that describes the photo and explain why it's your favorite. Support your response with specific details and reasons.

Today Sr. Ellen Anderson, a retired missionary and medical doctor spoke with us about her time serving on mission in Africa. She told us that a child could go to school for a year in Zambia for $4.25 a week. The girls and I have made a goal to donate a quarter a week to our mission box. In a little more than two weeks, we will have enough money to send a Zambian child to school for an entire year!

March 16, 2015

ILA 4: Define the following words: uninhabited, burrows, stranded, venture, instinctively, nestles; spelling test Friday

ILA 5: Foli- worksheet; PB page 30; spelling test Friday

Odds and Ends

Terra Nova testing is under way so no homework this week, but I do have  a few announcements pertaining to school:

  • Scholastic Orders are due to Mrs. Rose on March 17. You can order from the sheet and send in a check or use the online option (which I love!)
  • Awards ceremony has been moved to Friday, March 20.
  • We are collecting items for an Easter basket for Manna House. We have been assigned a 6 year old girl. I sent an email out and there is also a flyer in last week's home school. We will be making the projects at Faith in Action on March 27.
  • Spring Fling tickets are on sale! Also, remember we have scratch offs as our class basket. The next time you stop in at a convenience store for a cup of coffee, maybe you can spare a few dollars for a scratch off. Also, Progressive 50/50 raffle will be pulled at the Spring Fling. Students received tickets last Wednesday. This is a new fundraiser and we would love for it to be a huge success. All of the money goes back to the PTA who in turn gives it back to the school.

March 3, 2015

It was great having Thing One and Thing Two, Pinkalicious, Silverlicious (or Fabulicious as she wanted to be called), and Hermione Granger in class today! Dress like a book character day is more fun than Halloween for me!

ILA 5: Spelling test on Friday; Test on Folktales from Asia on Thursday

Social Studies 5: Test tomorrow on Chapter two (Exploration and Colonization)

ILA 4: PB page 31; Test tomorrow on The Emperor and the Kite

February 26, 2015

ILA 4 & 5: Spelling tests tomorrow

Social Studies 4: page 83 #1-3 in notebook

Fifth grade prayer service tomorrow. Report cards will go home tomorrow as well.

Please bring in a Dr. Seuss book if you have one on Monday for Dr. Seuss birthday activity with kindergarten.

February 25, 2015

Religion 5: Study for your religion test

ILA 4: Write a new ending for "The Emperor and the Kite"

Social Studies 4: Imagine you are attending the Constitutional Convention. Write a speech explaining why you support the new Constitution.

Music: Write a paragraph about "The Little Mermaid"

Reminder: There is open gym for fifth grade girls tomorrow night! Come shoot around with the middle school girls.

February 24, 2015

ILA 5: Group the spelling words in four columns by word endings. Write sentences with two words from each column. 8 sentences in total. Spelling test Friday

Social Studies 5: Social Studies: Finish section review

ILA 4: Finish paragraph about how to do something as a group.

Social Studies 4: The Constitution worksheet


February 23, 2015

Reminder! Read to Succeed sheets are due to Mrs. Rose tomorrow!

ILA 5: Summarize one of the folktales we read in five sentences, using 4 vocabulary words

Religion 5: Finish religion questions page 103; Test on Wednesday

ILA 4: PB page 30; Take a folktale or fairytale you know and change one of the narrative elements in the story (character, plot, setting). Briefly rewrite the story showing that change in the story and how it affects the rest of the story.

February 19

ILA 5: Create an explanation for a natural phenomenon, written in the style of a folktale

ILA 4: Answer the questions: What is the main problem in the story "The Emperor and the Kite"? How is it solved?; Complete PB pg. 29. Finish the Think and Respond questions.

Tomorrow is dress like your favorite president dress down or red, white and blue dress down.

February 18, 2015

Welcome back from our surprise four-day weekend!

Grade 5: Make a thesaurus for the ILA vocabulary words. Write at least two synonyms for each word.

Grade 4: Make a thesaurus for the ILA vocabulary words. Write at least two synonyms for each word.; Imagine that you are a patriot living in New Jersey during the Stamp Act. Write a letter to Parliament explaining how the act takes away your freedoms.

Remember your Read tp Succeed logs are due back to Mrs. Rose by Tuesday 2/24. Reading logs can be found on mtregional.com.

No spelling tests this week.

Fifth grade will be presenting the prayer service next Friday at 9 AM.

February 11, 2015

Happy 100th Day of School!

ILA 5: Choose 10 spelling words. Combine each spelling word of your own choice to create a noun/adjective pair. Use each pair in a sentence. Example: treasure/beautiful-- The pirates stole my beautiful treasure.

ILA 4: The Baker's Neighbor Test tomorrow; p. 9 English Workbook (white workbook)

8th grade will be selling chocolate covered pretzels at lunch tomorrow. $2 for a bag of 3.

PTA meeting tonight at 6 PM. Back to back playoff basketball games for boys and girls varsity bball at MTRS starting at 6:30. Get that homework finished early!!

February 10, 2015

5th ILA: Study for Roberto Clemente test tomorrow; Find an article about a  current event and draw a conclusion about it including who, what, where, when, why, and how

5th Social Studies: Finish vocabulary from class (pg. 40)

4th ILA: Practice Book page 27; In your notebook, think about an activity that involves several people. Write a list of responsibilities for each person involved in the activity; The Baker's Neighbor test on Thursday

4th Social Studies: Finish vocabulary from class (pg. 70)

February 9, 2015

ILA 5: Write a paragraph descibing what you think life was like in Nicaragua after the earthquake in the story. Roberto Clemente test on Wednesday. Spelling test on Friday

Social Studies 5: Finish article imagining that you are a reporter visiting New France.

ILA 4: In your notebook, take a scene from the play and change what happens. Finish Think and Respond if you did not finish in class. Spelling test on Friday.

Fifth grade students may bring in valentines to exchange on Friday.


February 5, 2015

ILA 5: Spelling test; PB page 25

ILA 4: PB page 25; In your notebook, explain how the stage directions in The Baker's Neighbor shows the thoughts and feelings of the characters.

Fourth grade words: pour, orbit, fourth, source, sports, forward, force, order, wore, yourself, support, sore, orange, anymore, ignore, portrait, border, course, tornado, your BONUS: emperor, monarch, kingdom, palace, noble

February 4, 2015

ILA 4: Finish practice book 26

ILA 5: FInish topic sentence and supporting details worksheets pages 38 & 39

Please finish any work left over from Mrs. Sikora's class: 4th grade: Math worksheet; spiral review 1,2,3 and SS #71 and religion questions page 159; 5th grade: Science worksheet; spiral review 1,2,3 and SS #71

February 3, 2015

ILA 5: Spelling test on Friday

Words: charged, spied, moving, trying, practicing, injured, carrying, tasted, receiving, becoming, lying, dying, realized, provided, fried, created, tallied, carried, revising, wearing. Bonus: approval, glimpse, braggart, sufficient, qualities

ILA 4: We worked on publishing our essays during class today so no new homework

International Lunch tomorrow. Bring a drink.

January 22, 2015

Grade 5: Spelling test tomorrow; Religion assessment tomorrow; ILA Simple Solutions #51

Grade 4: Spelling test tomorrow (Remember the pirate words. Ar!); SImple Solutions #51; Write a dialogue between two people using 5 of your vocabulary words you wrote down today: shiftless, indignantly; ad lib; shamefacedly; luxury; assent; privilege; elated. Since you did not get a chance to write down the definitions, you will need to choose 5 and either use the dictionary or the computer to find a definition. The words are shiftless, indignantly, ad lib, shamefacedly, luxury, assent, privilege, elated.

January 21, 2015

Fifth: Spelling test on Friday; Assessment on Elena tomorrow

Fourth: If I don't have your rough draft of "Each of Us is A Masterpiece of God's Creation", bring it in tomorrow (Parents, we've been discussing this in class, but some discussion at home might get the creative juices flowing.); Social Studies-finish graphic organizer from classwork and complete matching worksheet. Spelling test on Friday.

January 20, 2015

Fifth: Spelling test on Friday; We will review story maps from class today tomorrow

Fourth: Assessment for Amelia and Eleanor Take a Ride tomorrow; Read pages 56&57 in social studies and answer questions #1 & 2

Catholic Schools Week Mass

MTRS will be launching Catholic Schools Week at the 11:00 mass at Holy Family (Union Beach) on January 25. Holy Family is one of our sponsoring parishes and it is important for our school to be well represented at the mass. All families are requested to attend. Students are expected to dress in their mass uniform.

January 12, 2015

ILA 5 Spelling test Friday; Religion page 84/answer the purple questions; Write a paragraph using 3 of the 5 bonus words (sincere, tissue, resident, magician, medicine)

ILA 4: Spelling test on Friday; PB page 21; Simple Solutions Lesson 45

January 6, 2015

Happy Little Christmas!

ILA 5: Study spelling words

ILA 4: Simple Solutions Quiz #8

January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

ILA 5: PB page 17; Spelling test on Friday

ILA 4: Simple Solutions Quiz #7; Paragraph about someone or something that is valuable to you; Spelling test on Friday

December 1, 2014

ILA 5: Simple Solutions 40; Begin researching your explorer

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #39; Practice book page 16

Trivia question in 4th grade today: Who broke Lou Gehrig's record for most consecutive games played? Do you remember? Mason knew!

Dressdown tomorrow. $1.

November 12, 2014

ILA 5: Simple Solutions 33; PB 11; Social Studies test on Friday

ILA 4: Simple Solutions 32;

November 10, 2014

Reminder: No School Tomorrow!!

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #32; Social Studies test on Friday

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #30; Spelling test on Thursday.

November 6, 2014

ILA 5: Simple Solutions 31

ILA 4: Simple Solutions 30

November 5, 2014

ILA 5: Simple solutions 30

ILA 4: Simple Solutions 29; English workbook page 7

October 27, 2014

ILA 5: Spelling and Reading test on Wednesday

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #24; Spelling test tomorrow

5th grade enjoyed speaking with award-winning author John Smelcer this afternoon about Native Canadian and Alaskan culture. Thank you Mr. Sorci for facilitating the phone call! We hope to speak with Mr. Smelcer again and perhaps even have a face to face visit the next time he is in the area.

October 22, 2014

ILA 5: Spelling worksheet; Simple Solutions #23; Spelling test next Wednesday.

ILA 4: Practice book page 7; Simple solutions #23; See Oct. 21 for test schedule

October 21, 2014

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #22; PB pg. 9; Reading Test on Friday; Spelling Test next Tuesday

Spelling words:asleep, empty, queen, deal, needed, spelling, east, feelings, tea, keeping, beneath, agree, elevator, coffee, suggested, method, feature, metal, disease, television

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #22; PB pg. 7

October 20, 2014

ILA 4: Think and Respond #1-4 pg. 70; Simple Solutions #21; PB pg. 7


ILA 5: Simple Solutions #21

October 16, 2014

ILA 5: Simple Solutions # 21

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #21

October15, 2014

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #20

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #20

Math 5: Simple Solutions #22

Math 4 & 5: Simple Solutions 22-23

October 14, 2014

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #19; Finish good copy of descriptive paragraph

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #19; PB p. 7

October 7, 2014

ILA 5: Simple Solutions Lesson #17

ILA 4: Simple Solutions Lesson #17

October 6, 2014

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #16

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #16

October 1, 2014

Book fair and our princesses and wizards party was a smashing success!! Thank you to all who helped out.


5th: ILA Simple Solutions 14; Simple Solutions quiz Friday 9-12

4th: ILA Simple Solutions 14; Simple Solutions quiz Friday 9-12

September 25, 2014

ILA 5th: Simple Solutions #11

ILA 4th: Simple Solutions #11; Practice book #3; Social Studies worksheet

September 24, 2014

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #10, Practice Book p. 2


ILA 4: Simple Solutions #10

Picture Day tomorrow. Please remember your forms. All students get their picture taken for yearbook and their record, even if they are not buying portraits.

Please sign and return papers going home today.

September 23, 2014

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #9; Simple Solutions quiz tomorrow 5-8; Spelling pretest tomorrow

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #9; Simple Solutions quiz tomorrow

September 22, 2014

ILA 4: Review notes for The Gardener Test; Simple Solutions #8

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #8

Reminder: Scholastic Book Orders are due tomorrow to Mrs. Rose. Also, there will be a Scholastic Book Fair next week. More info to follow!

September 15, 2014

ILA 4: Simple Solutions #4; Spelling test tomorrow; Simple Solutions quiz Wednesday; Story test on Thursday

ILA 5: Simple Solutions #4; Spelling test tomorrow; Simple Solutions quiz Wednesday

September 11, 2014


ILA 4: Simple Solutions Lesson 3

Spelling Words: played, escape, thank, subway, gray, safely, mistake, greatest, break, after, planting, scratch, address, holiday, natural, paragraph, blanket, capital, taken, cabin

Challenge Words: chrysanthemum, dandelion, bulbs, sprouting, orchid

Spelling Test Tuesday September 16

ILA 5: Simple Solutions Lesson 3; Practice book page 1

Spelling Words: master, ahead, build, front, meant, bread, ready, busy, quit, mother, above, does, advantage, business, sweater, plastic, balance, limit, among, dozen

Challenge Words: activity, building, heavy, biscuit, purpose

Test Tuesday September 16

September 10, 2014

ILA 5th: Simple Solutions Lesson #2; Spelling test on Tuesday

ILA 4th: Simple Solutions Lesson #2; Spelling test on Tuesday

September 9, 2014


ILA 4: Simple Solutions Lesson #1

ILA 5: Simple Solutions Lesson #1

Fourth grade spelling words

September 8, 2014


Fourth: ILA Practice book p. 2

Fifth: Social studies vocabulary words: Write a sentence for each word: glacier, timberline, tundra, permafrost, fjord, muskeg, cordillera, tide

September 4, 2014

Fourth grade: In pen or sharp pencil, complete page 2 in your handwriting book, writing "The Sanctus" in cursive handwriting. Also, study the seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia

Fifth grade will receive their planners at some point tomorrow. 

Reminder: Mass tomorrow at 9 A.M. Girls in skirts and button down shirts. Boys in shirt and tie.

September 3, 2014

Fourth and fifth grade both need to write down their goal for the first trimester for class tomorrow.

Also, $5 is due for homework planners.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back fifth and fourth grade parents!

I am so excited to be back in the fourth and fifth grade this year for Language Arts and Social Studies. We eased into a nice half day, although it was a little hot! Please bring in water bottles as the first days of school tend to be warm and this cuts down on missed class time with trips to the water fountain.

I will be adding more information to this page as the week progresses. For now, the only instructions for tonight are get a good night's sleep and have a healthy breakfast tomorrow. Oh, and stay cool!

Reach Higher