Mother Teresa Regional School is a Catholic school in the Diocese of Trenton. The parishes of Holy Family Church, the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Saint Agnes Church, the Church of Saint Ann and the Church of Saint Catherine support the mission of Mother Teresa Regional School.

Rooted in the Catholic tradition, Mother Teresa Regional School educates its students in the Gospel message of Christ. Students are encouraged to learn to live their life in right relationship with God and the Eucharistic community of the church.

According to the policy of the Diocese of Trenton and Canon Law, students are prepared and celebrate their sacraments in their home parish. Catechesis for the sacraments happens at the school through religion class and the Catholic school community environment. The immediate preparation for the sacraments and the celebration of the sacraments occurs in the parish where the family is registered. Parents are encouraged to consult their parish bulletin and their Director of Religious Education at their parish for more information.



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