Frequently Asked Questions


When can I register my child for the 2015 school year?

Current Mother Teresa Regional School families:
Applications for current Mother Teresa Regional School families should be received by February 6th.

Parishioners of  Our Lady of Perpetual Help - St. Agnes, Saint Ann,  Saint Catherine, and Holy Family:
Registered parishioners of one of the sponsoring parishes will be able to register for MTRS starting February 11th and are asked to register by March 1st in order to ensure a place.

Students registering from other parishes:
We will begin accepting students from other schools beginning March 4th. It is important that you register your child as soon as you have made your decision to join Mother Teresa Regional School. New students will be placed based on the order in which applications are received.

When will I know that my child has been accepted?

You will be notified as soon as your application is processed, and no later than June 1.

What will my tuition be?

All families receive the same rate for tuition. Additional information may be found in our registration materials.

Do I need to transfer Parishes to be part of the school?

No. You are encouraged to remain an active member of your existing parish. Your child will receive all of his/her sacraments at your existing parish.

Capacity and Class Size

What is the average size of your classes?

Currently, class sizes range from 8-20 students. As we plan for next year, we will work with the size of each grade to determine whether it is necessary to add classes. The general rule is that no class will exceed 30 students.

Do you have capacity in your building to expand?

Yes. There is capacity in the building to expand. If necessary, we will restructure specials rooms. For example, Spanish, Music, and Computer classes can be easily brought to student homerooms to free up space. These details will be worked through in our capacity planning to ensure effective solutions.

Will there be bussing available?

The decision to provide bussing is the responsibility of the local school district for students in grades K-8. The public school district may provide bussing or aide-in-lieu of transportation. The districts of Keansburg and Keyport do not provide bussing. In the case of those two districts and any other that chooses not to bus, the diocese has agreed to help MTRS subsidize bussing. The school districts of Middletown and Highlands currently provide buses to MTRS.

The decision whether a district will provide bussing is made by the district by August 1, 2015. MTRS will work closely with each local school district by submitting B6T forms on a timely basis and will assist parents in determining transportation availability. The creation of a cluster bus route for students who reside in a district that does not provide transportation will be considered if the registration and interests of the families warrants its development. If a district does not provide bussing but does provide aide-in-lieu of and the student participates in the school provided transportation service, the family will be billed for the cost of transportation equal to the current aide-in-lieu of reimbursement.

Do you have an extended day program?

Yes. Early care is available beginning at 7 a.m. Aftercare is available until 5:30 p.m. Children may sign in and out of the Extended Day program to attend any after-school activities which take place in the building.

Do you offer summer programs?

Yes. There are several programs, each lasting one week, which will be offered over the summer months. Last year, the camps included computers, drama, sports camps, fitness camp, art, etc. Each individual camp runs three hours a day, Monday to Friday, ranging from 9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m. Details concerning our summer camp program can be found here.


Where do I purchase new uniforms?

Uniforms can be purchased from the Flynn and O’Hara Uniform company in the Kohl's Plaza in Holmdel. In addition, the OLPH and Saint Agnes Thrift Shops often have an inventory of Mother Teresa Regional School uniforms, and our P.T.A. has organized a gently used uniform (2-3 years) swap to make the transition to new uniforms easier on incoming families.


Where will my child receive sacraments?

Since Mother Teresa Regional School is a regional school, students receive their sacraments with their own parishes. The students will work with their classes to prepare for sacraments. Mother Teresa Regional School will work with each parish to coordinate dates and planning and will partner with the families and the parishes to make each event meaningful.


Is your Pre-K program flexible?

Yes. The pre-k 3 program offers three full days or three half days, five half days or five full days. Pre-k 4 students can choose five half or five full days.

Can I choose the days that my child attends pre-k 3?

No. The 3 day program takes place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The schedule is set to ensure that the children receive the full benefit of the program offering.

How is your Middle School structured?

Students in grades 6-8 are educated by the Middle School team. Teachers are hired by specialty and students change classes during the day. In addition, students are able to select one elective class per semester in a subject of interest. Some examples are science, computers, creative writing, leadership, art, early childhood education, and language.

How do students score in standardized tests?

Mother Teresa Regional School students consistently score above the national average on the Terra Nova test. Our scores in Reading and Language Arts prove that our students are excelling in this area. While our math scores are strong, we have brought in certified math and algebra teachers to ensure that our math program is highly competitive.

What is the content and quality of the math program in the upper grades?

Students in grades 5-8 are taught by a certified Math teacher. Students in grade 7 take pre-Algebra and all students in 8th grade take Algebra. Students in 8th grade are eligible for an Honors Algebra program. The class has been limited in size to be selective and challenging. We have found that our graduates are well-prepared for high school and several have been exempted from Algebra I.

Where do students go after Mother Teresa Regional School and how do they perform in high school?

Mother Teresa Regional School graduates currently attend: Allied Academy of Health and Science, BioTechnology High School, Christian Brothers Academy, Mater Dei Prep, Red Bank Catholic, Saint John Vianney, High Technology High School, Marine Academy of Science and Technology, Henry Hudson, Middletown North, and Middletown South. Students have also been accepted into Communications. MTRS alumni have been accepted into Honors Algebra, and Algebra II programs based on their performance. Several students are in honors classes at the Catholic high schools.


Mother Teresa Regional School is governed by a Board of Limited Jurisdiction. The board works closely with the administration particularly in regards to finance and strategic planning.

Additional Information

Where can I get additional information about the school?

There are several ways to receive information about Mother Teresa Regional School, contact information is listed below and varies depending on your need. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question or concern.

If you want detailed information about the school, visit our website

If you want to arrange a private tour of the school, need forms or other materials, or have a question about financial aid, Contact the school office at 732-291-1050.

If you have a specific concern related to your child contact the principal, Mr. Tom Sorci at

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